Sunday, December 10, 2006

Norwegian Treats

We recently received a pleasant surprise in the mail.....a package from Norway! Nerdine sent us a bunch of stuff about Norway and a very newsy informative letter.

We got a book about Norway and the Vikings, several post cards, one of her work, and some Norwegian chocolates. We have not eaten them yet......not for lack of trying on the girls' part though. There were also two Viking bead necklaces. That is right up our alley. We love to make beaded jewelry here in the Home of the Joes. There was also a treat for me: a cd of Norwegian music made by Nerdine.

I have a picture of all the loot, but don't have it downloaded. We are still having computer woes....nothing horrible, just stay tuned for pix.

Last night Cassidy was trying to tell PrayerfulMom about the package and she said," We got a package from Nerdino, our friend from the blogs. She is from (MOM WHERE IS SHE FROM?!) Norway. It is very far away."

Carly piped up and we had the thought at the same time. In "A Cinderella Story" one of the characters says Norwegian salmon is from Norwegia, so of course we had to laugh and say that too.....

Thanks Nerdino!!


  1. it's mostly the same as I sent to badoozer - except I sent a keyring to Dylan instead of beads. And some of the cards are a bit different.
    I like that - hereby call me Nerdino from Norwegia. *LOL*
    that's so cute!

  2. When I made your linkie I almost put Nerdino, but didn't know how you would feel about that.....glad you thought it was funny! :o)

    Today is Cassi's birthday so we will eat the chocolate this evening. :o)

  3. I love nicknames - I never had one as a kid - so I'm making up for it now. I collect them. Nerdino was one I hadn't heard before.. :)
    It was so cool I might actually change my name... lol


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