Friday, December 22, 2006

Coolest Gifts Ever

Oh I can't wait for Christmas morning. I got Joe two of the coolest gifts ever! He will like them so much he may throw all the gift wrap aside and kiss me right on the lips in front of the girls. (EWWW MOM AND DAD ARE K-I-S-S-I-N-G!!)

Let's hope so anyway.........

if you want to know what they are, email me and I will send you a picture. One is so cool I will score MAJOR points for even FINDING it, much less getting it here for Christmas.

.......just three more days. The anticipation is killing me. ;o)

It will just be marvelous

12-27-06 Due to technical difficulties beyond my control (a terrible night's sleep and a volcano in his gut) Joe was not quite up to rolling around in the wrapping paper, but did smile at the gifts: The Official Batman Handbook and a Marvel Edition Monopoly game and some Marvel Matchbox cars....with the coveted Captain America car.)


  1. Bravo for you! I like it when I find that PERFECT gift! You cracked me up when you said the girls say EW kiss in front of them. Peanut acts like it grosses her out. Kids are too funny.

    So, what did you get the Uncle Joester?

  2. I found where you hid 'em.
    I found where you hid 'em....

    Yay for me...!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. i know where they are and unless you have a bloody stump for an arm (from the booby trap) you DID NOT find them.

  4. i know where they are and unless you have a bloody stump for an arm (from the booby trap) you DID NOT find them.

  5. well ....... you are just a little trouble causer, aren't ya!!

  6. Wow, you like, threatened me twice.
    Repeater, you.

  7. don't you love cool gifts. perfect gifts? Mr. Coffee gets into his WRAPPED presents that I hide so I have to wait until LAST minute to get his. He has over $200 in iTunes music in the shopping cart...hehe.

  8. 4:02, 4:02, 4:02... If you think of Jamie Dawn at 4:02, whisper a prayer for her and her family and add a large dash of thanks along with it.

    I'm waiting until AFTER Joe gets his incredibly fabulous gifts and blogs about them to find out what they are.
    I fully believe you'll be getting that mushy kiss!!

    You are a sweetie! Enjoy this blessed holiday season!!

    Now for the moment of truth... I am going to hit the button and HOPEfully this comment will post. (My fingers are crossed.)

  9. Hooray!!!
    Okay, I'll pop in at UJ's and try to post a comment.

  10. I tried to comment and it said "Sorry we are unable to complete your request." That's what's been happening at several blogs over the past two days and only those blog buddies who use Blogger.
    Well, I hope UJ has more New Year's resolutions for 2007, and that he adds the unresolved ones from 2006 to the list. I wish him better health and much blessing in 2007. He is already tremendously blessed to have you and your two, beauteeeeful girls. My son is currently recording a CD of his original songs with fableeeeous guitar solos and stuff. I will get your address and mail you one when it is complete. I know your guitar-strumming hubby will appreciate a fellow guitarist's endeavors. Rock on, dear friends!

  11. Yes, they were the perfect gift.
    For a 12 year old.
    Which is what I am.
    I yam what I yam.

    later tater.


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