Wednesday, December 20, 2006


What does that mean you ask??

4:02am is the exact time I have been waking up for the last week. I have no idea why. Every day when I wake up and the clock says 4:02 I am amazed. Sometimes I can go back to sleep and sometimes I get up and do something for a while until I get sleepy again. Sometimes I pray for who ever pops in my mind first....sometimes it is Karina and the babies. I don't know who it will be tomorrow. Maybe one of the doctors at work, Dr. Elgin....his little mother died today.

If you have something you would like for me to talk to The Big Guy about tomorrow, say about 4:02 am, just leave me a comment and I will talk to Him about it.

Really it is kinda nice. No one to talk to except God and no distractions. Is He showing me how to find the time to talk to Him?


  1. I have a friend from church who got a call this morning that her son was dead - he was 24. They don't know how he died yet. We didn't have Bible class tonight - instead we had a service of Psalm reading, prayers and songs. Trying to help eachother grieve.

    Romans 12:15 "Rejoice with those who rejoice, and weep with those who weep. NKJV

    Her name is Nancy - maybe you could mention her in your prayers. Thanks AJ.

  2. There's a movie about a guy who wakes up the same time every night that his wife died. Can't remember the movie, though... something with Kevin Costner and dragonflies, and it wasn't really worth remembering. Typical Kevin Costner acting (or lack of it). Merry Christmas!


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