Friday, December 01, 2006

Snow Ice Cream

I used to love it when Mom would make snow ice cream when we were is a good recipe:

1 cup Half & Half
1/2 cup sugar
1 teaspoon vanilla extract
dash of salt
5 cups of fresh, clean snow

I think you could also use liquid vanilla coffee creamer....what do you think?

We only got a few inches of snow last night. Not near as much as the rest of our state. There were blizzard conditions near the OK/KS border. We have been lucky, no power outages in our town. That is what is the worst I think.

I went outside this morning and only had to sweep off my car a bit and break a little bit of ice accumulation from yesterday, otherwise it wasn't bad. I left in plenty of time and only drove 30mph the whole way.

Everyone in the clinic made it but one person and there have only been 5 patients so far. We will have to find a bunch of busy work for everyone. I brought movies just in case! haha

Snuggle up with a good book or your honey and stay warm today!


  1. i can't get past the idea there are toxins in the snow.....

  2. That sounds like fun, although, I'm with Badoozer, I guess it depends on whether you are in Cowtown, Wyoming or LA..hehe. Or, do you use the snow to eat or just to chill?

    Vanilla Ice Cream is my favorite.

  3. The Ice cream does NOT have Toxins!

  4. I'm with Carly.
    It was good and I'm not dead.

    Once a year eat some snow ice cream.
    If you die, we'll miss you.

  5. Just don't use yellow snow and you should be ok.

    Susie: i did specify to get the snow from off the hood of the truck hoping it would be clean. I saw what was left over and they didn't eat much of it any way

    Emmers: Vanilla is my fave too. Actually I didn't know you could make any other kind. :o)

    Carly: you did good and even saved mom some!

    Joe: i was relieved no one died. that would have made the papers for sure. ;o)

  6. okay, have you been to LA where they breath by sight and not by faith? I've been to places in Colorado that were so remote and serene you *could* hear a pin drop. I'd take the Colorado snow over LA anyday.

    If you make it with Vanilla creamer, let me know how it turns out...yummy.

  7. We got hit hard, with about 2 tons of snow in my driveway alone. It was so white it was bluish! Wish I'd had your recipe a couple days ago. Let me know how it turns out.

  8. I want snow! We only have rain so far. :(

    I've never even heard of snow ice cream.. Maybe I'll try that one of these days? IF we can get some snow around here soon!!?

    OH - and I LOVE your new template!

  9. My Mom used to make snow ice cream, but I had no idea how she did it. Thanks for the recipe.

  10. If you're worried about the toxins in the snow you shouldn't drink water either... I mean, it all part of the cycle, isn't it?

    Ok, we used the canned milk like Milnot, sugar, and vanilla! I actually didn't make any this time and we had plenty of it. Does that make me a bad mom?

    P.S. I LOVE LOVE the new look!!!

  11. I ate snow as a child but it did not cause any lasting problems.

  12. I don't know... there's a lot of yellow snow in my backyard.

  13. Ted, you sure?
    Where did you get that third eye?


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