Sunday, December 31, 2006

Resolution Revolution

It is that time of year when we in the Joe house like to reveal our plans for the coming year. I had big plans for 2006 and crossed a few off my list. This year my list will be shorter and hopefully a little more attainable. :o)

Eat healthy (this will of course still include chocolate, coffee and diet drinks)
Get moving (notice I didn't say E-X-E-R-C-I-S-E? moving can be in the form of dancing, walking, cleaning, shopping etc)
Find a hobby
Have a family supper 4 nights a week (cereal counts too)
Date night at least once a month (Joe you have to be good and nice to me though)
Spend money wisely (Hey wait when you don' t have it don't you usually spend wisely?)
If something breaks I will fix it or call someone who can.
Delegate chores
Obliterate snores (it just rhymed)
Hug my daughters every day
Pray every day

I have no plans to be up at midnight tonight. It will be among a handful of times I won't see the New Year in. This will be our first New Years Eve in the new house. I wonder if the neighbors here are as rowdy as the ones in Muskogee?? Muskogee folk set off fireworks. These Fort Gibson folk may get out their guns for all we know. All we have is a pellet gun and that won't make much noise.

I need some coffee now.


  1. good luck with your list...hope everyone involved cooperates for you.

  2. Good luck AJ! I hope the snoring thing works out for you!

    Happy New Year!!!!

  3. Badoozie: There will be consequences for slackards.

    Leslee: Most of the snoring problem can be remedied by a humidifier I believe. I just have to find it in the garage. Wish me luck and if I am not back in 24 hours, call for help.

  4. I like your list. I'm trying to incorporate more "moving" into my daily schedule too. :)
    We attended a neighborhood party last night. So far, there's only six houses built here, besides the models. All six families attended. It was fun to get to know our neighbors. They are ALL church going Baptists. My hubby and I better become Baptists to fit in around here.
    I'm sure you will have NO trouble hugging your girls every day. We moms are natural hugging machines.

    Happy 2007!!!!


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