Monday, March 20, 2006

Pet My Peeves

Believe it or not I have some pet peeves. ;o)

I work in a medical clinic at the front desk. I am the meeter/greeter/checker- inner. My desk is also known as "The Hot Seat". Come watch me work through a day like yesterday and you will know why. (originally written March 10th)

Here is a short list of the stuff I see at the front desk that just pets my peeve.

1. Smokers that exhale their smoky breath in my face. (am seated lower than the counter)
2. Truckers that come in calling me Hon, Sweetie, Dear etc. I reserve that right to sweet little grandmotherly ladies
3. Drug screen donors that try and pull one over on me. We know the tricks, just stop, and don't do drugs.
4. People that get mad at me personally for what goes on in the clinic. It is not my personal
fault that you have to work. Every scheduled appointment was not scheduled by me. I
do not take responsibility for, nor will I take a cussin' for anyone but me and my actions.
5. I cannot stand to hear other staff members gripe about working. I like my job. I am
grateful for my paycheck every week, and I am going to make sure I get one next week, and
that means getting off our duffs and treating patients!
6. The people that come in at 4:30pm deserve to be treated as nicely as the ones that came in
at 8:30am. They are working parents. We dont' know what they have been through to get
here at this time. Just be compassionate. We are patient advocates and here to serve them.
7. If I don't know you, don't touch me. EVER.
8. It freaks me out when strangers call me by name. It makes me think I should know you and I don't remember your name! :o) I hate wearing my name tag with my first and last name on it.
9. Don't try to grab my pen out of my hand when I am showing you what to fill out. Patients have germs and I don't want them!

On a lighter note:

I saw this joke on Jamie Dawn's blog I believe and I laughed out loud. :o) I love to laugh. And someone please please tell me why farts are so funny!?

An elderly woman leaned over to her husband in church and said, "I just let a silent but deadly fart. What should I do? " He leaned over to her and said, " Get a better hearing aid."


  1. I'm first!!

    I don't like the first names on the name tags too well either.

    Oh, well.

  2. Honey, yours aren't funny...

    They're tremendous!

    What I like about your job is that you get paid, plus the leftovers that the drug reps bring plus you are still the "boss' of the office so to speak. So I spake.

  3. I like that joke. It took me a minute to get it though. It was a good laugh once I did.

  4. Delayed reaction isn't it!?? I like ones like that....:o) then I get tickled at myself for not getting it and laugh even more!

  5. I don't work at a front-desk situation, but I hear what you are saying. It must be awful at times ... all those sick people just breathing on you would be bad enough !!

    Love the joke, very, very funny.

    Have a great day, Meow

  6. are you sure you said that joke right? it seemed funnier on jamiedawns blog. i'll check into it.

    i agree with all your complaints, having worked in a medical treatment facility. our doc was the one who wanted to squeeze everyone in, so it was okay. it was just maddening, because if he double booked, and they complained to him about having to wait, he would blame it on us! cause he was too big a wussy to take the heat. and he was judgmental toward the poor people on medicaid, and that ticked me too. he would give all his rich friends the samples, but if someone poor asked, he was stingy. and he wanted me to cheat on the forms about his friends income, so they could be on drug programs for the indegent. i flat out said NO, i will NOT. so he shut up. i snuck people lots and lots of samples, and i just loved them. and they loved me. i miss them! well, not ALL of them.

  7. oh, you are soo good. I promise, if I ever see you behind the counter to call you anything other than AJ.

    I will never blow smokey breath in your face since I don't smoke that should be a breeze.

    How about full grown women calling you "Hun"?? oh, please, unless I'm in rural Colorado and I'm about to order pie, don't call me "Hun".

    I would LOVE LOVE LOVE you as a co-worker. I go nuts when co-workers are allergic to work and I end up doing their job. that is a crazy maker.

    My neighbor works for a pain clinic next to a hospital. She has the same complaints about drug seeking. "It's just a tooth ache"

    Farts are funny cause they just are!

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  9. hey, hey hey, don't be talking smack about drug seekers now. just because it doesn't sound painful to you, and there is not blood spurting, doesnt mean they aren't hurting. be careful with the labeling thing

  10. Emmers I am the Crazy Maker!

    Susie: they all gripe then they leave at 5:00 and guess who is left? Me and my co worker, Cappy. I have to see them ALL.
    (oh and i corrected.....;)

    Meow: working there has built my immune system up so well that believe it or not, I rarely if ever get sick. (now watch....I'll get sicker than a dog next week!) People laugh about the pen thing but it keeps their germs on the other side of the desk.....

    JOE: I wouldn't say I am the boss by any stretch of the imagination, I am the Crazy Maker! (and I KNOW you will agree with that.....)

    Granny: you were fast!! it creeps me out when nasty old men call me by my first name when i have never seen them before. drug reps do it too, but they are nice about it at least. then i think i am crazy because i have no idea what their name is......

  11. By drug seekers she means drug addicts that will do anything to get their fix. steal (try to walk out the door with their prescription and not pay for the office visit) and lie (after being turned down by every other dr. in town).

  12. I emailed that joke to you about a month or two ago! SHANNON

  13. Aw, you sound sweet. so they actually can smoke in there and blow it in your face?

  14. AJ, you don't make people do their work and yours. THems the crazy makers. I think of you as dear sweet spirited AJ. Now don't get all gushy on me.

  15. suzer,
    you say drugs like it's a bad thing..oh, wait..

  16. Shannon: oops! :o) you know i am a ding-a-ling......I am making you a blog tonight--Dazzler!!

    Emmers: You know it girl!!

    Kish: they inhale outside, throw the ciggy down and exhale as they come in and talk to me....bleh. Our whole property is smoke free but no one enforces it.....

  17. Maybe rlp just needs a better hearing aid?

    What kind of pen is it?

    I have seen people tape weird objects to their pen they don't want taken...plastic forks, etc...Maybe you could use a needle?

  18. ANP: it is my fave blue pen...with grippy stuff on it. maybe i will tape a fork to it. that way i will have a weapon to poke nasty pen stealers!!

  19. Yeah, one of my close friends, Michelle, works in a hospital, admitting people. It grosses me out. I mean, I wouldn't worry about much except the mung they're exuding as they're waiting to collapse. I would be wearing masks and using alcohol gel all the time. And when an unsuspecting Mung Carrier looked away, I'd covertly spray them with Lysol. Just in case.

  20. that joke wasn't funny the first time. Or the second. Or the third, fourth, fifth...................

  21. as for me, even if i DO know you, most of the time, don't touch me!

    also, i HATE communal pens! this lady in front of me at Denny's had a hacking cough and covered her mouth with the her hand clutching the communal pen. the cashier was even grossed out as i fumbled in my pocket for an old receipt to use as a "glove."


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