Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Java Cabana

Here is one of the "perks" of working in a medical facility:

Today some drug reps "catered" in a really neat treat for the employees of the clinic. It was a Coffee/Smoothie Bar! The gentleman had a traveling wet bar and made us our choice of smoothies, coffee or frozen coffee treats. It was a very cool set up.

I wish I had thought of it. Does that sound like the coolest job ever? Traveling around making people happy with coffee and smoothies, two of God's wonderful creations!!?

I had to call Joe and say, "If you just HAPPEN to be out about 10:00am, come by....." ;o)
so he got one too. I take care of my UJ.


  1. DRUG reps huh? I know all about what THEY do.

  2. But... I'm glad you enjoyed your treat.

  3. Make mine coffee-free, please.
    I'll take a smoooothie, thank you.
    Sounds like a very cool job indeed.

  4. Batman drinks smoothies? What a guy!

    Oh Anne out-thunked me. A coffee drug Rep sounds fab.

  5. Mmmmmmm coffee!!

    I just kick myself for all the years I wasted NOT drinking coffee! I tried it and just didn't like the taste. I guess my taste buds were maturing to perfection or something. haha

    So what is your favorite brand of coffee?

    Favorite flavor?


  6. I like starbucks breakfast blend myself. in all actuality, i really can't tell the dif. unless its from ethiopia, then it tastes like pee.

    good for you, getting a treat. you go gurl

  7. i don't think i would like pee flavored coffee.....hey wait a minute, how do you know what pee tastes like???

  8. my favorite FAVORITE is Italian Lavazza at about $20 a lb. Otherwise I am a dark roast Starbucks gal. French Press was my favorite by Jen over at My Life is A Cartoon told me about cholesterol issues with french press. bummer. I drink black coffee or green tea.

  9. there is a coffee that is made from a bean that has been 'recycled' through a civet which is a type of goat. check it out: Kopi Luwak

    maybe PPP drinks this.

  10. Emmers, didja know I am married to a former coffee man? Joe sold coffee for 2 years and had to go to Coffee School. He is the coffee guru of the House of Joe. He came home telling me of the coffee you mentioned but the civet is not a goat....its a monkey like animal. I am so glad I am not the harvester of those recyled beans. They could not pay me enough to touch those beans, much less put the coffee from them to my lips.

    We had our first visit to Starbucks recently and brought home the breakfast blend or the house blend...I don'r remember, but it was very good.

    We also tried some with chickory in it. That was interesting. JorySan tells us it is popular in Japan.

    I have coffee brewing right now.....mmmmm

  11. Hey, send those reps to OUR office! We get an occasional lunch, and a few pens, sticky-notes and staplers. I like their creative thinking.

  12. palm civet looks like a monkey but it's not. It's chiffon!

    Thanks for the link emmersbee, I was wondering how the SARS epidemic affected the sale of kopi luwak..

  13. UJ tells me that the civet is a cat-like animal...not a monkey!

    I stand corrected...thanks Coffee Guy. Hey you're kinda cute in your little cape about meeting nice little old auntie for coffee later??!

  14. Seeker :once we had the pinky dinky icecream truck come that was cool!!

  15. Seeker :once we had the pinky dinky icecream truck come that was cool!!

  16. Did you have to drink them out of cups with Pfizer written on them? Last time I was at the doctor they had a Mucinex stuffed toy on the counter. What's more fun than playing with a green booger with a face?

  17. this isn't about coffee (ughhh), but for some reason all these posts made me remember the story my cousing told me about going to dinner at someone's house and realizing that the drinks were beakers (complete with a small lip and spouted area for pouring from). When she asked where they had gotten them they said Old Doc ___ who was an obgyn had 100 of these he was giving away because now he used plastic cups! They were for urine samples!

  18. I would buy drugs from a guy that made me whatever fun coffee or smoothie drink I wanted when I want it...

  19. I think it would be cool to drink from a beaker, but not if I knew they were at one time used for urine samples!

  20. AJ,
    I remember you saying UJ was a coffee man. For some reason I had it in my head that it was a goat and couldn't remember the I look it up. Then I realize that I should have read further. hehe. Maybe I am thinking of the supposed story on how coffee came about which UJ probably has heard a bazilliondy times.

    of all people Batman knows his cats...


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