Monday, March 27, 2006

Smart Glasses and Green Things

If you want to be smart, just wear Smart Glasses says CassiJo. (don't mind the chocolate on your mouth!) Don't you wish you looked this cute AND smart in YOUR glasses?? :o)

This is a picture of the house around the corner from us. The yard is prematurely green and has been for a few weeks. The single man that lives there puts the same old rusty chairs at the end of the driveway every year to act as guides for backing out we have decided. I don't know why he doesn't go ahead and invest in some posts or something.

We won't be talking about our yard that still has leaves all over it. We are waiting for them to mulch. haha

Blogger is locking up and I am having problems posting an embarrassing picture of CarlyJo. Please check in again later.


  1. The yard was green all winter.
    The man would be seen watering his yard while the rest of us yahoos were inside our houses staying warm....s

  2. Ate those super hero glasses?

  3. I like the chocolate - that's how I look every day. I can't sneak chocolate because I leave behind evidence.

  4. By the way, if my in-laws lived in your neighborhood they would think those chairs were there for the taking.

  5. Do they have x-ray vision too?

    wouldn't yard gnomes or little reflectors do the same for your neighbor?

  6. My guess had been that he was putting them there to keep people from turning too sharp onto his grass. I think that way because that's what RLP would do.

  7. Someone else couldn't get Blogger to post a single pic today and I had problems myself. Ah well, the first pic is AWESOME. How can you do any better?

  8. Ted: the only super power they give her is smarty pants and super voice immodulation!

    Anne: my children have super human chocolate sensing abilities and i am not able to sneak a snack either! I wish your in-laws live near to those chairs would disappear!

    Emma: i would chip in for some gnomes. i wonder what he would do if the chair disappeared and some nice refectors appeared.

    ANP: I think you are right. Maybe he is related to RLP! The look a little similar.

    Saur: Thanks!

    UJ: I am a warm yahoo! Are you??

  9. anp is definetely right. he's protecting his blessed green WEEDS. grass is WEEDs.

    anal? stuck in that anal freudian stage.

    fixations. yard gnomes. yard darts. those are illegal. they were good enough for us, why not now?

  10. CassiJo is adorable! But, of course, you know that.

    Cute and smart. What a combo!

  11. Tell you what I'm gonna do.
    I could be sitting in his chairs when he gets home:

    1. Dressed as a street crossing guard with whistles etc.

    2. Be reading a book and complain when he drives up about all the noise he's making in the "library"

    3. Put on some silly fishing gear and cast my pole into the street with a rubber fish on the end.

    4. wait until night and dress up like one of those statues that hold up lights.

    5. dress up like Captain Kirk and when he gets home scream Spock! Spock!

    6. Act like we're photographers from Home and Garden and ask for an interview.

    7. Be eating a bag of cheetos and drinking a can of beer and tell him, "Thanks for the snacks, but I couldn't find an extension cord long enough to get your TV out here!"

  12. #8 you forgot UJ,
    You and AJ dress identical to yard gnomes and stand on the corners motionless.

    I forgot to say, AJ, your daughter is so CUUUTE!! Is she a first grader? Kindey-garden?

  13. Thanks emmabee, she looks just like her daddy,the postman!

  14. Emma: Cassi is kindey-garden and knows EVERYTHING!!

    UJ: I definitely think a midnight rendevous at the green grass house is in order with some crazy lawn ornaments in in??

  15. Susie: actually his grass looks very soft and i want to walk in it barefoot. :o)


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