Sunday, March 12, 2006


I met Joe on or about December 16, 1991 at a friends house. I was there studying for a certification test. This was my newest friend, Michelle, but an old friend of his. He visited frequently, and had been friends with the husband, Bobby, since 7th grade. (a long time!) When he drove up and realized they couple had company he drove on, but stopped before he got to the exit of the apartment complex. He says he thought to himself, "That might be someone I am supposed to meet." so he drove back around and came in. I was so shy and self conscious (...i had just been divorced) that I would not even look a him. He sat in the living room, visiting with Bobby, listening to me and Michelle talking and studying. He tells me he liked the sound of my voice....

Bobby and Michelle had tried and tried to fix Joe up with many other friends, and they were excited....once they stopped trying, everything fell into place. We hit it off immediately and were soon off to a sweet relationship. Our first year of dating we spent a lot of time together. I was in a internship at a local school and we would go on picnics for lunch occassionally. We went on road trips and walked many miles together. We shared lots of new experiences and made many happy memories. He was just what the doctor ordered after a bad relationship.

We dated for a year before we got engaged. He proposed at Christmas 1992 and I was thrilled! I had made it on my own for a year, had a great job, a great guy and a new life (and a new car too! I had driven a gross Mazda pickup when we was very sad)

We got busy planning our wedding, which was held August 14, 1993 at Bacone Chapel. Since it was Joe's first wedding we planned a small wedding. Our ceremony was very simple and I was so happy to be surrounded by our closest friends and family as we began our lives together.

I remember when I walked down the aisles with my father, finally reaching Joe, his hands were sweaty. I looked at him and laughed. We laughed again when I got a little nervous and started to sway a bit from nerves.

Here are a few pictures from our wedding.

Mr & Mrs Joe share a kiss ;o)

This is a picture of the Scrabble tiles he drew one of the first times we played on our honeymoon.

It says EYE DHOO. :o)

Joe I am glad you did.


  1. what a lovely story. Thanks for sharing it.

  2. hey, isn't that a ... bingo?
    miss you.

  3. eye dhoo miss you too jorysan

  4. I like your bangs!!!

    ahhh, you two are so cute! just what the doctor ordered huh. is there an antedote?

  5. Aaawww, that's so sweet. Thanks for sharing. Take care, Meow

  6. who is the man on uncle joe's tshirt?

  7. I think its Lou Gehrig..maybe not.

    The baseball bob is a hall of famer though.

    AJ, So far, I have insulted you by your age. I have insulted you by joking about your picture. I have left you out in my commenting. With friends like this who needs enemies???

    So, I will say without obligation, I love your avatar. I think you are very sweet and I think you are the bee's knees. really.

    PS. I was married Aug 7th, 1993. It was a good month!!

  8. such a sweet lil post..I love hearing how people meet and fall in love..teehee

    i will have my 11th wedding annvsary on april fools day, now thats a joke;)

  9. That's a picture of Leo Durocher.

  10. Ahhh, how lovely. What a wonderful love story.
    I'm so glad he decided to turn around and drop by just to meet YOU!

  11. okay UJ. it's nice of you to drop a name, certainly you don't expect me to know who that is?

  12. ;o) Very sweet. How lucky you both are.

  13. Birth name: Leo Earnest Durocher
    Nickname: The Lip
    Famous tagline: "Nice guys finish last."
    Birth date: July 27, 1905
    Birth place: West Springfield, Massachussetts
    Death date: October 7, 1991
    Death place: Palm Springs, California

    Height: 5'10"
    Weight: 160 lbs
    Batted: Right
    Threw: Right
    Position: Second base and shortstop
    Played for the New York Yankees from 1925-1929
    Played for the Cincinnati Reds from 1930-1933
    Played for St. Louis from 1934-1937
    Played for the Brooklyn Dodger from 1938-1945
    Played in the 1928 (Yankees) and 1934 World Series (St. Louis)
    Managed the Brooklyn Dodgers from 1939-1946
    Managed the New York Giants from 1948-1955
    Managed the Chicago Cubs from 1966-1972
    Managed the Houston Astros from 1972-1973
    Career RBI: 567
    Career batting average: .241

    Elected to the National Baseball Hall of Fame by a committee on baseball veterans in 1994.

  14. awww what a sweet story and a sweet couple. i have tears in my eyes


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