Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Meet My Good Friend, Michael Buble'

Meet my good friend, Michael Buble'! You can see him in the center of this photograph taken from our seats in the balcony section (sometimes called the NOSEBLEED section) of the Tulsa PAC.

Mr. Buble' encouraged lots of photographs and on a whim ran down the aisle and out the door and into the elevator to the mezzanine section and much to our surprise to the balcony where we were seated!!

The concert was wonderful! He has a wonderful band and put on a fun show. (aside from some potty mouthed humor) He and his sax player had a Zoolander style Cat Walk-Off cracking the audience up. He also had a Johnny Cash impression as well as a pretty good Michael Jackson! He sang wonderful songs from Ray Charles to Tulsa's own, Leon Russell. He was exposing a new generation to music they would have never known existed if it weren't for him.

Joe was seated between me and a stranger, a young woman who shared my ability to whistle....loudly! I wanted so badly to get out in the aisles to dance with my sweetie but the balcony was very steep and made me a little dizzy when I stood up. Toward the end of the concert, Michael invited people to dance in the aisles and the floor area quickly filled up with screaming women and a few men who were dragged down there by their sweeties. One granny lady cracked me up...she was reaching for Michael when he walked by and he stopped to shake her hand.

My great MIL brought along two pair of binoculars so I was able to look at him when he sang to me. He looked at me a lot....right into my eyes, crooning just for me. It was very sweet. It was a weird feeling looking throught those binoculars and him looking right at me.....

One thing that made me laugh was his shoes. I am sure they were very expensive Italian shoes, probably eel or something, but they had the longest pointy toes!!

Another thing that made me laugh was the "Mysterious Gas Passer". I kept getting olfactory sensitory input that someone in our vicinity was passing gas. I know it wasn't Joe, cause he is proud of his and announces them, at least to me anyway. :o)haha

A great night!
Great company!
Great concert!
Great memories!

If you ever get the chance to see my friend, Michael Buble' in concert, please do. It will be worth the wait.


  1. if first, okay, that's getting old huh.

  2. oh AJ, how sweet that he sang right to you, i sort of knew that was going to happen, he told me last night, but he asked me to keep it a secret, it was so hard!

  3. Sounds like you had fun!

  4. Glad you had a blast, like you knew you would.

  5. Glad to hear you had a great time! Strange how people fall in love with celebs, though. As if the celebs will EVER or HAVE ever heard of them. Yet, they rush to touch them...

    Of course Jeff Goldblum is on MY laminated list, so I'm just sayin'...

  6. Ladies and birthday celebration is now officially over. We now resume our regularly scheduled blogging. :o)Thank you for your kind participation.

  7. How great! Thanks for sharing pics & details. I'm sure he WAS singing just to you. All those other people were just extras.

  8. Next time, bring nose plugs.

  9. Glad you had such a great time. We saw Garth in Fresno a few years ago - great seats up front. I'm not his biggest fan - that would be my son - but it was still special.

  10. If you'll notice the second picture you'll notice bubbles in the air above him.
    My Bat-infrared secret agent cam caught this anomaly.
    Nothing gets by the Batman.

  11. ok, it sounds like a marvouls time..but who the bloody heck is micheal buble'?

    my gosh I need to venture out of my 80's buble and see what the kids are listening to now a days;)

  12. That was a nice bit of information to know about Uncle Joe - the "announcement" part. I guess the person "slipping them out" felt it necessary.

  13. fun!! Good for Michael Buble' coming up to the balcony. What a great guy!

  14. What's wrong with Uncle Joe's blog? Blogger says it's temporarily not viewable.

  15. Someone on my blog just this week said that he was their favorite artist. I don't know this guy at all yet.

  16. I loved the music and was very disappointed by the potty mouth. Someone should tell him not to do that.

    Hi Darlene! Glad you came for a visit.

    Anne: I think blogger is being cantankerous.

  17. Happy St. Patty's Day, Auntie Jo!

  18. It's not a good situation to get stuck in a row with a mysterious gas passer. Say, in the church pew, nobody wants to get up and move, because if you do, then everyone will think it's you.

    It's good you have a sense of humor about that, just don't laugh with your mouth open.

  19. Jenn: i have a real tough time breathing other peoples stinky air. it makes me gag, even if it is not gas! when people come into the office where i work and i have to smell their breath when the talk to me it really makes me sick. i hold my breath

    Saur: nice hat!

    Emma: even though the balcony visit was planned, it was neat. i just can't get over that potty mouth!

    Anne: yes, Joe is so kind and considerate....see my first comment. This way I can either spray his stinky hiney, cover my face or leave the room. :o)

    BB: yes come into the new century, the music is fine! it makes me want to dance with my man! go to his website and you can hear it.

    Granny: it is always neat to see someone in person isn't it? garth came from a town not too awfully far from us.....

    Jamie: other people were there?

    Slick: Who are you?

    Seeker and Leslee: maybe next time you can come too. ;o)

    SBDZ: so is Michael Buble' your friend too? He must have a thing for brown haired Susie/Suzy's ;o)

  20. Michael Buble is great. I guess it doesn't matter where you sit (although up close would be real nice), you are there, and the atmosphere must've been wonderful. Glad you had fun.
    Take care, meow

  21. Hi Aunt Josefina, I'm glad you had a great time as well... isn't he adorable? I envy you for bringing your camera... do you have more pics from the event? If so, post them please!!! Have a great weekend! And oh, belated happy birthday, click the link, I'm sure you'll like it. MICHAEL BUBLE

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