Saturday, March 25, 2006

Simple Saturday

Today was a good day...
I got up fairly early and had a little bit of work to do at the office. Got that done and came home to tend to the Princesses of Hiney while Joe and Ted practiced for tomorrow's praise and worship at Ted's church.

While Joe was gone I promised the Princesses I would take them to the mall. CarlyJo had some money in her pocket that was burning a hole in it so I indulged her. Her treasure for the day was a small Beanie Baby lamb, just in time for Easter. She named the little dear Chloe The Lamb. All her animals have names and I have also learned to night that they have feelings too. If she does not sleep with Skiperdee the Dog he gets his feelings hurt. Poor Skiperdee. Maybe she should just sleep with them in a big pile around her every night.

My treasure was found in a bookstore....a bargain bookstore!! I am not sure if it was Borders or Waldenbooks.....don't they own both?? I found a book of poetry and a Thai cuisine cookbook for Joe and a sticker book for CassiJo. I hope he will cook something from the is the real deal. The best we have done so far is the little boxed ones from Walmart, which are very tasty by the way!!

My niece, AlliJo came over for a play with CassiJo while their sisters went to sell Girl Scout cookies at Walmart. They were so good!! Sometimes (unpredictably) they get their feelers hurt at each other and won't play nicely, but today was wonderful!! They were so very very good and I had a laugh or two listening to them play. AlliJo loves to pretend they are animals. She told CassiJo, "You can be a Dalmation or a purebred." CassiJo said, after looking at her like ....what??!! "ummmmm I'll be a dalmation."

We went to Mom and Dad's for dinner...a simple dinner of meat, potatoes and veggies. Mom is a meat and veggies kinda gal, and since Dad wasn't there to make her over do it, it was easy for her. Dad likes to prepare for an army, and always prepares TOO much! :o) One good thing about that is the left overs that get sent home with all the family though......

CarlyJo and CassiJo got to play with one of their cousins, SalaniJo. They are always a hoot to listen to. Nana actually tried to suggest they sit still for 2 whole hours and watch a movie....wrong!! They hadn't seen each other in a while and there was too much fun to be had!!

I just love weekends like these....not a lot to do but just enough to keep you out of boredom. Tomorrow should be fun too....we are going to lunch with the Ted Family. Last time my mouth was cramped from smiling and/or laughing so much!!! (That was the time Cassi asked Patti and Ted, "So you are the Mom and you are the Honey?" so you can see why I laughed so much!)

Changing the subject:
I was surfing around on the google videos tonight and people record some of the silliest things!! My favorite was the quadruplets laughing at their dad. You can find it here . There is nothing sweeter than the laughter of a baby is there?? You cannot watch it and not laugh!


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  3. whats up here? deleted comments, so i'm first?

    good post, very newsy, i like it.

    dylan also thinks his beanies have feelings, he would not like me telling that.

    sounds like a great weekend
    those quadruplet people won't be laughing for long!

  4. This was included with other recipes in the heading of my gmail page.

    I immediately thought of you.

  5. HAHAHA Granny you are funny! :o)

    I am NOT eatin' it.

    Joe, don't EVEN think about it either.....

  6. So Uncle Joe calls you "mom" and you call him "honey"? I got a chuckle out of that one.

  7. Anne: that is what Cassi asked Teds wife. Cassi called Ted the Honey.:o) Joe calls me SuBo or SuSu or HEY YOU WOMAN!!

  8. What a nice day! It's hard to really communicate how wonderful such days are, because they often sound so lame to outsiders. You did a good job conveying it.

  9. SuBo? Since your a mom, you should be SuMo. right? hehe.

    I hope you whipped those co-workers into shape. Silly you to think they could actually work AND get paid. How unreasonable is that? They think life is a to be fed caviar with a silver spoon when they need to realize it can also be a plastic cafeteria "spork" with Spam on the end. okay, Im done with my stick up for AJ rant.

  10. Being a voluptous female ;o) i don't want the name SuMo attached to me anywhere!! haha

    when cassijo was a little baby my dad called her Sumo because her little legs were so fat and she was a roly poly!

  11. aj, wait lemme comment again so I can get the toes of my foot fully swallowed.

  12. I hope you didn't think I was insulted.....cause I wasn't! :o)

    Don't eat your piggies cause of me!

  13. no, not insulted, but you have to admit calling a woman a get the idee (pass the ketchup!) hehe.

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