Sunday, March 12, 2006

Commando CassiJo

Today while we were in "big church" Cassidy leaned over to me and whispered, "Mom, we forgot to put panties on me this morning."

I almost swallowed my gum and did crack up.

What? We were in a hurry!!


  1. Funny!!
    We might want to remember that next Sunday. Attending church panty-less is a sin.
    Tell CassiJo that she is forgiven, but she needs to try & not forget to put on ALL her clothes, Public nudity is frowned on, especially in church.

  2. Just keep her from standing on her head and she'll be fine.

  3. ....yes, and don't forget to sit like a lady....

  4. JD: sad thing is that wasn't the first time! The first time she was about 4 and we were almost to church and she said, "Mommy...." and when I looked at her in the back seat she raised her dress up. I almost ran off the road laughing. Good thing there was a Dollar General on the way.

    Granny: thankfully she did stay upright today. you never can tell with her.

    Seeker: She did not sit next to her sister in church so she was exceptionally good today Thank Heaven!

  5. wow. mommy failure. pantyless child, seen at church.

  6. NOT seen at church, only heard.:o)
    Mommy failure! How about kid failure. I told her to put panties on, and they are in her drawer, so there is no excuse from her.

    One good thing though....we were on time to Sunday School. YAY!

  7. The same thing happened to me today. I also had no panties


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