Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Pepper Rallies and Pizza

Cassidy came home from school last Friday very excited. "Mom guess what we had at school today? A parade and a Pepper Rally!"

It was Homecoming and they had an all school parade and a Pep Rally. :o) heehee!!

If you have never been, I recommend you try The Incredible Pizza Company. My mom and I went along with Carly's Girl Scout troop for a big Field Trip. It was so much fun! They have several themed rooms to eat in (Family Room, Diner, Starlight Theater and Gymnasium) and lots of activities for the kids when they are done (Go Carts, Bumpber cars, Mini golf, Bowling, games games games) They don't use tokens or quarters for the games/activities either. You put money on a "credit card" and the kids scan it to play games. The prices were very reasonable. The girls each got $12 on their card and that was more than enough to play everything they wanted. We even had to scold some of them to "spend your money so we can go!"

I want to take Cassidy back there soon since she didn't get to go with us. Maybe Carly will volunteer to show her the ropes.

Happy Fall Y'all!!


  1. did they have a "Hawt Fireman" theme room? for those that are single? and stuff of that nature?

  2. I remember having pep rallies when I was in grade school... they were SOOOOOO cool! We got to go o the HIGH SCHOOL for them!! Yeah. I was very impressed.

    But not as impressed as I would have been by a "Hawt Fireman" room. Though personally I prefer military men... mmmmmmmm... yeah.

  3. Susie: Sorry, only Hawt Pizza Guys are in IPC....and they are hawt because they are next to the pizza oven.

    Jana: Military men huh?? Ok! I will agree with you there. They look so spiffy in their uniforms. What is your fav branch?? I think I like the look of the Navy guys in their whites.

    Leslee: me too! i wish i could have seen her little face.....

    Emmers: aren't kids funny??

  4. Pepper rallies make my eyes water and they always give me heartburn. Give me a P -E-P-P-E-R!!!!!

    Usually those kids' pizza places have not-so-good pizza. Chuckie Cheese, for example.

  5. Well, Chicago didn't even make the "future locations" for The Incredible Pizza Company, so I'm outta luck unless I take the grandkids on a road trip.
    Hey, maybe....

  6. Jamie: the pizza was ok..but the salad bar was awesome!! i love salad that has everything but the kitchen sink.

    Seeker: Yippee!!! Come on down!!
    Uncle Joe is buying pizza for everyone!!

  7. i really think it's high time you replaced this template....

  8. I don't think we have an Incredible Pizza Co. here. But it sounds like fun! I wanna go to a Pepper Rally first!

  9. Sounds like Pizza Planet, from Toy Story.


    They even had a ginormous claw machine!


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