Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Fair Fotos

Here is my dad....Papa to the girls. Do you like his hat?? He is a hat guy. Always has one on and loves to see his grand daughters wearing hats.

Here is a cool cake we saw at the Cake Contest. I thought Uncle Joe, Ted, Roy and Kahuna might appreciate this one. :o) The contest was featured on The Food Network. We could see cameras in the middle of all the cakes, but we steered clear of them. They had the most fabulous wedding cakes I have ever seen. I would have hated to cut them!

I assume this is a brown sugar "sand" castle. I bet it is very sticky. Do you like Cassidy's pony tail holder? I put something bright on her so I could spot her if she got seperated from us.

Carly, Salani and Cassidy on the way to the fair.

They looooove their cousin Salani. They fight over who gets to sit by her. I am sure she gets sick of being in the middle all the time! She is literally and chronilogically in he middle of them. She is 8, Carly 11 and Cassidy 6. Just the right spaced between them.......


  1. Oh! Great pictures!!! I would've loved eating... I mean, playing with...the sugar castles!

  2. I like guys who know how to wear hats well...
    So, where's YOUR cake in the competition? :-)

  3. ummmmmmm...........
    UJ is the cook these days and he didn't know about the competition or he would have submitted a really cool BatCake!

  4. That looks like sooo much fun. I wonder if that guitar cake tasted any good?

  5. Anne: it sounded kinda FLAT!! hahahah :o)

  6. gaaarate!!!
    thats a lot of brown sugar. good idea about the bright hair thingy.....


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