Friday, October 27, 2006


Here is an updated photo of our bedroom after my parents helped me hang the curtains that coordinate with my "new" bedroom ensemble. We just love it and it satisfied our need for a java-colored room. (Thanks!)

See my exercise ball in the corner? I step over it every day and call that exercise. haha Seriously I really need to get on the ball and get back to exercising and toning up my tummy. :o) (No pun intended)

Uncle Joe and GrandPat went to a local music store to hear a guitar player named Bugs Henderson. I don't know anything about him, but you can read about him here:
I hope they have a good time. Maybe he will inspire some new guitar licks for Joe to play for us tomorrow.
(Update: Joe came home with a rockin' cd of this man's and it was great!!)

Cassidy's school sponsored a "Trunk or Treat" tonight. Have you heard of that? The participants parked their cars and opened their decorated trunks and passed out candy to the children. It was over quickly but Cassi was happy with her small haul of candy. I am sure she and Joe will sit in the floor later and ooh and ahh over what she got.

Carly is having her first sleep over guest tonight: her bestest cousin, Elle. Not too much giggling is coming from the living room just yet, but the night is still young. ;o) These girls are so funny together. They can find a treasure in anything you put before them. Tomorrow I imagine them outside in the garden or under a tree creating a little city of nut shells, pine needle houses and rock cars. You just never know what they will create together. :o) I love that about them. They are very different, but also alike in a lot of ways.

I am just glad it is Friday.


  1. suddenly I have a hankering for a coffee. Did you say java?

    Is that print a William Bouguereau piece?

  2. okay, I just looked closely, I don't think it's his paintings.

  3. Emmers: Java, yes maam!!
    Thanks for the linkie! I surfed around his paintings for a while and recognized a lot of them. I just didn't ever know the name of the arteest. :o) The painting on my wall is a Vietnamese print my brother in law picked up. I offered to keep it safe while he lived in Japan. I am glad he obliged me.....I love it.

  4. i really like the new look, and the ensemble!! mocha java coffee, yea!!

    just get rid of that lamp;......)

  5. Sleep overs were always so much fun, and we never got any sleep. It sucked, because Sunday came and we were rousted up for church, no matter what! Love the bedroom! Mine's all in greens...

  6. Good job on the bedroom makeover! Of course, I didn't see any "before" pix... but the "after" is very nice.

  7. Carly is having her first sleep over guest tonight:

    Um... first sleep over? That's so sad. Peanut's been doing sleep overs for a couple of years now.

  8. Oh, and I love what you've done to the room!

  9. she means first sleepover in the "new" nut!

  10. That's not what she said, but I'll let it slide this time.

  11. Wow, your room looks so COZY!! I love the tones you nice

  12. Happy Halloween! Drop in on my blog and read the ghost story that actually happened to me. I think you'll enjoy it! ;o)


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