Tuesday, October 24, 2006

The eyes have it

Here is the "face" in our kitchen watching us cook.
He kinda looks like that creature on FarScape. What do you think his name should be??

This "face" creeps me out. It is in our bathroom. Good thing Batman is there too. I am thinking of hanging SOMETHING over this face, or at least the eyes. haha

Posted by AJ


  1. The top one reminds me of one of the trees (the live ones) from Lord of the Rings. Maybe you should watch it and see if any of the trees have names??

    The bottom one is just freaky!

  2. The top one also could be called "Ape Man". Looks like he's wearing a 70's fro. lol The bottom looks like something shaggy and scooby ran into...hahaha

  3. I think the top one looks like "the Grinch" The bottom one looks like wood grain man watcher of toilets.

  4. In the top one I see all the souls lost in eternity grasping for....oh forget it...

    the bottom one looks like an owl to me...

  5. ok, my suggestions are

    walter for the top one and
    hobart for the other one

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  7. dyl wants the top one to be
    "old man twinkie"
    and the bathroom one to be "fred"

  8. I remember seeing them when you gave me a tour. I was a little creeped out.

  9. Leslee!,
    I'm still creeeeeped out...help!!!!!!!!

    Oh wait...I'm Batman, I forgot.

  10. This is just too funny! I too think the top one looks like the Grinch. I don't know about the bottom one. I'd be afraid to go to the potty at night with that one watching me. :)

  11. The top one does look like TreeBeard from LOTR.

    The bottom one...I'd say a nice coat of paint will fix that bad boy.

  12. Jana: I have been looking for a reason to watch LOTR again :o)

    Guitar Man: You should know about those 70's fro's now shouldn't you? I have seen pictures of you back then....what a head of hair!!

    Ted: I see the grinchy face now!
    I am not sure if I feel good about the toilet watcher. I don't need watchin'!

    UJ: Now I see the owl face. Before I just saw a Boogeyman seein' me.

    Susie: Walter The Grinch Face
    Hobart PeePee Watcher....niiiice!

    Dyl: I love Old Man Twinkie. Great. Now I want one and I don't even like Twinkies.

    Leslee: You should be here in the dark.

    Joe: Did you just scream like a girl?

    Anne: that is exactly why I use the other bathroom in the middle of the night

    Emmers: The Painted Bathroom Owl is an endangered species. We should honor him.

  13. The kitchen guy's name is Woody Frown. To which I answer, yes.

    In Brazil we had faces on our bathroom doors, too... I did NOT like them at all.

  14. Both of those give me the creeps. I wouldn't want to venture out of my room after dark with those creatures out there.


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