Saturday, October 07, 2006

Fairly Fun

Whew. I have never been so glad to be home! We had a buzzy-bizzy-bee day today.

We had an early rise (which was hard after a late night at the Fort Gibson vs Sallisaw game AT Sallisaw, an hour away) and went to a Pancake Breakfast at Cassidy's school. For some reason I thought they would also have other food items. Wrong. It was pancakes. Only pancakes. Served with apple juice and coffee as thick as mud. Needless to say I ate only one pancake. (I am a pancake snob...i will only eat them with Griffins Butter Pecan syrup and sausage)

Outside in the parking lot, they had rented parking spaces to have a community garage sale. We found a few treasures: some cherry capri pants for G-mom (hope she doesn't see this before we give them to her!) a cute little Smore marshmallow snowman picture holder, several shirts for Carly and some cool jeans, a ginormous pot for Uncle Joe to make dumplins in and a wonderful stuffed monkey that Cassidy named after her teacher: Mrs. Roff. I wonder if she would find it as funny as we did??

We had the energy and the spare change to go to one more garage sale after leaving the school and found several more treasures: a leather Fossil wallet for a quarter, a baby doll for 75 cents (Nan would be so proud of us for rescuing her!) and a sparkly purse for Cassidy. By the end of that treasure seeking escapade it was time for us to get ready to go to the Tulsa State Fair with Papa.

Papa picked up my niece, Salani, then me and the girls and we were off for some fun at the Fair. (UJ stayed at home. He didn't feel too good)We got there about 1230 and immiediately found our favorite fair food: roasted corn. We got four ears and had a seat and got all buttery and salty and enjoyed our corn. We smiled with corny teeth the rest of the day. Our other favorite fair food is Cajun Shrimp On A Stick. You talk about SO good!! We look forward to that every year. We also ate a funnel cake and frozen cheez cake. We got only one cheez cake and shared and it was 'just enough' for everyone to get a good bite or two and not be overloaded.

The girls got to ride several rides, maybe 5 each. Dad did the math on the last ride the girls rode and figured each time the ride started, they made $125.00!! Holy canoly!! That is just insane! There were several new rides but the lines were too long for Carly to ride them. I saw a few I would have liked to try, but at $4 to $5 a pop, I just couldn't bring myself to pay that! Carly is at that inbetween stage in her life. Not a child and not a teenager so she had difficulty finding things she wanted to ride with the little girls. Next year we will plan a trip and bring someone her age to ride with. :o)

It was a long day but a fun day. We had to listen to the gaggle of giggling girls in the back seat all the way home from Tulsa but they were singing and laughing, so we didn't even care. I love to hear them getting along happily.

I took several pictures, but I am just too tired to download them right now. (Blogger is so naughty it probably wouldn't have let me download them anyway.)

Hoping you all are having a great weekend!


  1. naughty blogger!!
    sounds fun...if i had been there i could have beey carly's team mate for some awesome rides!

  2. Sounds like fun! Can't wait to see the pictures.


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