Thursday, October 19, 2006

Cuppa Joe

Ever wonder where "cup of joe" came from??

Go here to find out.

Mmmmmm I already have my grande joe. (he is 6'2")



  1. They're all theories...
    So, what's UJ's theory on the origin?

  2. See Wikipedia agrees with the Sec of the Navy story, so it must be true :o)

    I had always thought that it came from the military, as in GI Joe. Not far from the truth I see...

    Is UJ really 6ft 2?? he doesn't look so tall when he is sitting down in pictures. haha.

  3. i was going to ask some questions, but you have to put in your name and email therefore i'm not doing it. thats too much trouble and sooooo obvious...they are only providing that service so they can snag on your email addy and bombard you with their ad crap. theres me, being negative

  4. A friend of mine used to ask "want a cup uh hot joe?" One day, he said "hup uh cot joe". That was about 20 years ago and I still thinks it's funny. :)

  5. There you go bragging again.
    The Bible says the meek shall inherit the Earth...

    Seeker. My theory?
    It all began in the future year of 2171.
    The planet earth was still reeling from the effects of the Boston Coffee Party.
    145 millions tons of coffee were dumped into Boston Harbor by aliens from outer New Jersey....

  6. Now I want some Starbucks. It's my birthday, I should get some.

  7. UJ, put down the cup and back away from the coffee pot...

  8. Seeker: I will have to pry the coffe cup from his fingers.

    Jenn: yes you should have starbux for your birthday.....wish we could treat you to a grande cuppa joe!

    Joe: shub up. i am not bragging. just stating a fact. you are 6'2" aren't you? or have you been heightening?

    emma: i knew you would double check me :o) i found this on the bar at the top of my gmail and thought it was interesting.

    Anne: we suffer from glossial dyslexia occassionally. (dyslexia of the tongue) joe does it on purpose sometime to make us laugh.

    Susie: there's you telling the truth!


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