Tuesday, October 10, 2006

The Law of PP

My fatigue factor is directly proportional to the probability that I will get a call to do a drugscreen.

I was sitting at the computer about to fall asleep about 11:15pm this evening , ready to turn in when the pager went off. I had to drive to the hospital to collect a drugscreen. The donor could not go and I had to wait for 30+ minutes for her to finally go.

*Yawn* I am feeling Mr. Sandman again........

Good night Bloggers


  1. Poor thing! I'm glad I don't have your job!

  2. I cannot relate to someone not being able to wee wee.
    I can produce urine any time, any place.
    It's a gift, I guess.

  3. That stinks. No really, it stinks.

    nighters, Auntie JoJo!

  4. i too can produce urine whenver. usually when i'm laughing, etc. sneezing or coughing could do it too.

  5. Susie: this particular donor, a female laughed the first time she couldn't go and said, "I passed gas, does that count?" I laughed too.....

    Emmers: the only time it doesn't stink is PAYDAY!!!!

    Jamie: try doing it with someone waiting just outside the stall. ;o)

    Leslee: it ain't so bad.....


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