Saturday, May 27, 2006

See, it IS all about me!

It's All About Me
A Meme
by Aunt Josefina
tagged by Susiebadoozie
I AM: a woman, a wife, a mother, a daughter, a sister, a friend, a child of God
I WANT: breakfast in bed somday
I WISH: my daughters would get a long
I HATE: creepy men, people invading my personal space, mean people, SPAM, celery
I MISS: playing soft ball
I HEAR: the sound of laughter, Joe's hiccups
I WONDER: what makes hiccups stop
I REGRET: not buying stock in Microsoft, not really.
I AM NOT: a skinny woman
I DANCE: the cha-cha with Joe and make him laugh.
I CRY: very easily...when my feelers are hurt, when I see my children or husband hurt, when your feelers are hurt.
I AM NOT ALWAYS: focused....i get scatter-brained pretty easily (but at least I can laugh about it!)
I MAKE WITH MY HANDS: good food, comforting touches, gifts
I WRITE: compulsively. i am a note taker. (May 27th, 2006, Joe squeezed and hurt my knee)
I CONFUSE: myself and others frequently and with ease. :o)
I NEED: words of encouragement and physical touches
I SHOULD: go to bed. i am so so tired
I START: things and sometimes don't finish them
I FINISH: other people's sentences and it annoys them
Tagging: CarlyJo, Uncle Joe and Ted, the non-bloggers with blogs


  1. I was squeezing your knee to see if you were boy crazy.....

  2. UNCLE JOE, if you hurt her knee and i find out about it, you're dead meat. don't forget you guys are next on my "visit" schedule!!! just ask emmers hubby, i'm a bad ass!
    i had him cowering in the flipping corner, finding a "happy place". seriously

  3. Joe better stop squeezing and hurting your knee or any other body parts. To make up for it, he must bring your breakfast in bed.... Eggs with fried Spam will do. :)

  4. yes, all 225 and 6ft of my hubby was cowering but that was from spending two days with the kids.

  5. Me, me, me, me...

    I see you are still on the meme.

    It really IS all about YOU, isn't it? :)

  6. Personally, I like creepy men. That's why I was so attracted to my ex. Kidding! ;o)

  7. UJ you know I am craaaaazzy about you,all you had to do was ask. :o)

    Susie:Ummmm. Don't be naughty at our house. We will put YOU in the corner. haha


    Emma: Hubby is a dear for doing it too.

    Jamie 2: Yes. My blog.

    Saur: All ex's are creepy except your Ex-X-Man. haha

  8. Hello! I was reading your profile and saw I live in the world with oxygen, but enjoy swimming in the blogosphere! That is such a neat statement.

    Anyway, I love that meme list. Really puts it all in perspective, huh? I might borrow it next week... but I promise to return it!



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