Friday, May 05, 2006

Jazzy Friends

This is the couple we stayed with....Octagon Man and Octagon Gal. They live about 30 miles away from Denton and came to enjoy the music with us. We went home with them and had a great visit. UJ and OM reminisced about days gone by and OG and I got to know each other better and enjoyed seeing our guys have such a good time.


  1. Great pics! Thanks so much for sharing. Looks like you guys had a BALL! Good idea to get the family packed up and on the road. It's wonderful stress relief.

  2. It was very relaxing to be outta town with Joe. I almost was lost without the Princessess of Whiney Hiney. I didn't know what to do for a bit, but I shook it off and had a great time.

  3. Good friends, good times, good fun, great memories.

    Oh, and the most important thing: Good Food!!

  4. sounds like you had a jazzy time! Oh I'd love going off to some music festival right now.. both big music festivals in Oslo this summer is allready sold out.


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