Thursday, May 04, 2006

Jazzy Pictures Part I

Here is the surprise we found in our suitcase when we got to our hotel. Two little animals to remind us of our two little monkeys at home. :o)

And we're off!


  1. Thanks for sharing pics. The guy on the stilts is sure brave! I'd be scared to death to walk around on those things. I see that one of those stuffed animals in an Easter Bunny Peep.

    You and UJ look like you're having fun. Great pic!

  2. That is a sweet picture of you and Uncle J, but...were you letting him drive?

  3. Were these two people random strangers or did you know them?!?! Just kidding. The pictures are great! I love the bunnies in the suitcase, how sweet!

    By the way, how do you feel about cats?


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