Thursday, May 25, 2006

Crossing things off my list

I almost forgot! I can cross "sing a special" off my 2006 Resolutions list found way back here. Uncle Joe, Shannon, Kerney and Kahuna were invited to sing at a Block Party for Shiloh Baptist Church last Saturday. One of our friends from church, Nate, is the pastor there.

We (me and the girls) arrived just as the band was setting up. It was very VERY hot and they were set up on a stage right in the sun. It was 1pm so the sun was beating down on them even then.

They sang about 4 songs and then Yours Truly was invited to the stage to sing the last song with them. I remember very little about it. I was very nervous and Shannon had to hum my harmony part to me before we started. I almost passed out. All I remember was Joe leaning over to me during my solo and saying, "Sing out Baby!" All in all I don't think we stunk it up too bad. (besides, everyone else was hot too, so they were a little delirious too.)

The set was over then and I had to get my overheated daughters out of there. Little Cassidy looked on the verge of heat stroke and Carly was hot too. She wore black gouchos, so you know she was hot. Joe came down and we poured water on his hot cranium and got him cooled off too. It was the hottest day of the year in the mid-day sun. The band wilted, but had a good time I believe. Kahuna said he could even see some people come out of their houses to listen to the music. I think they ran back inside when I sang though. Haha!

Oh BTW......someone in my house is having a birthday on Saturday. It's not me and not my daughters. Come back by and wish him a happy birthday.........


  1. i'm first. just wanted to say that and now i'll read the post

  2. well i aint wishin no happy nothin if that there birthday person doesn't get their selves on over here to your blog

  3. I'm sure you did a wonderful job.
    The band I was in for years used to play at Farmer's Markets and other outdoor venues. It was a blast and people just love to enjoy the music; they generally aren't critiquing it.
    It has been a heat wave here! In the Modesto, CA area where we lived for about fifteen years, the summer months get to over 100 degrees, but it is very dry.
    Here in AR, the heat has humidity. STICKY heat!

  4. My baby girl turned 18 today!!!

    I'll stop by Joe's this weekend for sure to wish him well.

  5. Susie, wow you read slow!

    JD: I have always heard people say that "dry heat". I have never experienced it....then again I have only been in about 5 states! haha

  6. when I lived in Colorado, it was in high desert but HOT in the summer. Dry heat was nice, especially because Im a sweaty betty. You can use swamp (evaporative cold water) coolers over using refrigeration units (regular AC) in dry heat. Swamp coolers don't work in humid areas because it is blowing cool humid air into hot humid air which doesnt do any good. But in dry heat, it's nice and CHEAPER. You have now graduated officially from AC 101. hehe.

  7. Emma, a swamp cooler might start a tornado here. I am scared to use one!! (that and my hair would be awful! i need all the help i can get)

  8. I love singing, especially in choirs. I just can't sing solo (stage fright) even though I trained to sing opera. Black choirs are the BEST. They're so much fun to be in .

  9. I would like to have heard the band, AND the soloist...
    Happy Birthday, UJ! Hope it's great.


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