Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Summer is upon us, woe is Joe

The girls have 2 days left of school and then the torture of Dad begins. I have put out a distress call to all Aunts/Nanas/Gmoms/Pa-Pas/Papas/Uncles/Friends: please feel free to take one or both of the girls any time you want for as long as you want M-F 8am -5pm. Haha

Please keep them all in your prayers this summer. They are a handful and get so annoying with their fussing.

They have a few activities in the works, mainly some art classes for both the girls, which should be fun fun fun! There is also VBS to look forward to at Nana's church as well at our new church.

More updates as they develop. :o)


  1. They are welcome to come stay with their Uncle Jory and Aunt Noriko, all summer long. Heh, just not together! Just kidding. The UJ family is welcome, anytime, in any permutation.

  2. Send them to church camp! There's a good one over by Tahlequah called Camp Robertson. Pretty cheap too, last I recall. Starts around the first Sunday in June, I think. I can give you phone number if you want more information. You might check into something like that, I'm sure they'd have fun!


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