Friday, May 19, 2006

Jenn Cleaned Her Closet!

Jenn cleaned her closet, and since she has mucho arto stuff, she sent CarlyJo some neato magazines, instruction books, watercolor pencils and a bundle of Jenn original cards. There was also a spattering of silk flowers, a box of bobby pins, stickers, material, and some Disneyland Coffee for me and Joe to share as well as lots of matted prints.......very cool. CarlyJo was very excited and CassiJo can't wait to get her little paws on those watercolor pencils. We had to hide them quickly!

We were thrilled to get the box especially since we weren't expecting it. A very welcomed surprise from our new friend Jenn.

On behalf of the Joe Family, Tanks so much!!


  1. Hey there, I'm glad it arrived.

    I knew your family of girls would find some use for that fabric... the remainder of my IKEA curtains that I trimmed!

  2. I'll email you the rest of the pictures......there were a lot!

    Thanks again. We had a good time opening it. Joe called me at work and was laughing on the phone as he opened it very carefully. Then he put it all back so the girls could open it all again! haha

  3. thats so cool. Jenn is an awesome lady.

  4. ps
    change the dang date on that camera

  5. Jenn and Meow are spoiling you!

    Very cute pics, as usual.

    HELP me please!! I have tried to find out which of Susie's MANY blogs is her regular blog. I have stopped by several times, but can't find out which is her daily blog.
    Please let me know. Thanks.
    She thinks I am igorning her, but I am NOT!


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