Thursday, December 29, 2005

New Year/ New Adventures

Now announcing my wishes/prayers/desires for 2006:

Pray every day
Memorize a verse a month
Read every day
Stop and LISTEN to my kids
Fold my socks
Throw away the mismatched ones
Clean out my closet
Aggrevate my husband more
Blog every day
Bug Slick every day
Hug my kids everyday
Hey so far this is pretty fun and sounds pretty easy!
Drink more coffee! ( I can't believe I missed out on this for so long! YUM!)
Buy stock in Mack's Ear Plugs
Don't forget to spellcheck
Get movin more (that dreaded "e" word...exercise!)
Be on time to work
Shop the ads
Ask Joe to shop the ads for me
Clip coupons
Cut off cable
Fix my front door
Learn to make pie crust from Joe
Go to more music practices
Try not to sweat the small stuff
Remember it's not about me
Remember to say please and thank you
Sing a special in church
Learn to play something besides "Winter Wonderland" and "Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer" on the piano
Learn how to change my blog template
Be a better friend .
Don't interrupt
Listen more and talk less
Laugh at life more
Be a good example for my daughters.
Eat at a Thai restaurant
Sew something
Stop hiding the mouse from Joe

I reserve the right to change/delete/edit this list at my discretion.


  1. Pray every day: i would too if i had UJ for a hub
    Memorize a verse a month: one word a day, sister
    Read every day: so street signs count?
    Stop and LISTEN to my kids: are you sure about this one?
    Fold my socks: why in the sam hill would you want to do that. geez, why don't you iron them while your at it.
    Throw away the mismatched ones: those make good puppets
    Clean out my closet: is there poop in there?
    Aggrevate my husband more: i can help here
    Blog every day: yessssssssssss
    Bug Slick every day: yesssssssssss squared
    Hug my kids everyday: do they want you to?
    Hey so far this is pretty fun and sounds pretty easy!
    Drink more coffee! ( I can't believe I missed out on this for so long! YUM!): STARBUCKS RULES
    Buy stock in Mack's Ear Plugs: AMEN
    Don't forget to spellcheck: who cares
    Get movin more (that dreaded "e" word...exercise!)
    Be on time to work: clearly over rated
    Shop the ads: MACY"S
    Ask Joe to shop the ads for me: Only if panties are on sale!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Clip coupons: for panties!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Cut off cable: your over reacting!!!!!!!!!!!(joe told me to say that)
    Fix my front door: do you really need it? without it, people might perceive you as more welcoming
    Learn to make pie crust from Joe: is he crusty? yuck
    Go to more music practices: heres where the ear plugs come in handy
    Try not to sweat the small stuff: don't sweat at all, it's yucky
    Remember it's not about me: are you sure?
    Remember to say please and thank you: you don't already?
    Sing a special in church: with people there?
    Learn to play something besides "Winter Wonderland" and "Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer" on the piano: uh, i do'n know bout this
    Learn how to change my blog template: crickies i can help you with this
    Be a better friend: i like gifts. gifts are my love language. .
    Don't interrupt: but, if you don't you'll loose your train of thought!!!!
    Listen more and talk less: but your voice has such a sing-song quality!
    Laugh at life more: especailly bowel movements
    Be a good example for my daughters: stay away from helium
    Eat at a Thai restaurant: big mistake.
    Sew something: oh my gawwwwwwd, do NOT go there
    Stop hiding the mouse from Joe: isn't it the other way around? he out to give it up once in awhile, and maybe you could smile more at life.

    sorry for the responses but i felt called by god, to share with you. and why isn't slick willy commenting on your blog. he is selfish. or busy, one of the two.

  2. Good Lard!! You are killin me!! Good belly laugh for UJ and AJ tonight!!!

    Slick Willy obviously has a life and a new wife: Slick Jilly. They are all up in each other's stuff right now being newly hitched. I tried to warn her about him but would she listen? No.

  3. all up on each others stuff? oh my lord, i can't even go there. i feel so old, and so like, stale, and so not with it. scuse me while i go get all up on my microwave cake.

  4. What the heck is a microwave cake? Can I have one too?

  5. Okay, I lost my train of thought from getting sidetracked by Susie's comment. Susie, stop and take a breath every now and then. I think you're drinking too much coffee.

    Auntie J - "Cut off cable"?

  6. anne, i can't take a breath or I"D loose MY train of thought, we're all in the same boat you know the 'OVER 35 BOAT. and we're SHORT ON LIFE PRESERVERS

  7. When you sing that special in church, please send me a video. Please?!!

  8. Only if we can all autograph it.

    Can I tell a tale on Joe? Thought so. The first time he sang in church about 10 years ago his blood pressure shot up so high we had to leave after the song and to to the emergency room! He got over that and can do a fine job on the spur of the moment now. I am so proud of him when he plays in church. I think I like seeing him play guitar most. He is really good too.

  9. I liked Joe's list, yours is cool too! I think you may have the distinction of being the only person I've ever heard say they want to drink MORE coffee. Thai food is the best! If you haven't had it, you're missing out. Report on that one when you fulfill it, okay?

  10. Well I have only recently discovered the correct combo of VANILLA creamer and a sprinkle of sugar to coffee that makes it so yummy!! I have always loved the smell of it but the taste was bitter when I tasted it black.

    Yay Coffee! What a buzz! I get to work in the morning and have a diet coke and crackers for breakfast then mid morning have a cupojoe and by 1030 I am feeling the love of caffeine and getting lots and lots of work done and talking real fast.

  11. You have a real fine list there!
    It all sounds fairly easy except maybe that e word (one I need to do too), and learning to play more songs on the piano and changing the blog template! Those sound like hard ones! Good luck though and Happy New Year to you and yours!

  12. i recommend using coffemate liquid creamer in the flavors, for your coffee instead of the powder stuff or sugar. i like the toffee flavor, caramel flavor, or creme brulete flavor. chocolate raspberry is good to. it's non dairy. the bible says that God made coffeemate creamer, so it is imperative that you use it.

  13. I learned that in Weigh Down Workshop too.

    Do they make coffee perfume? I have a cookie dough perfume, clean hair smell(it smells like shampoo), fresh towels (fabric softener scented) and beach favorite. It smells like suntan lotion and outside. I don't know how they do it but they are great. They are called Smell This. Google'em and check them out.

  14. fold socks? Why would you do that, woman? I'm all for throwing out the mismatched ones. I need to do that.

    Thai restaurants. YUM!

    We had chicken phad thai last night. I like it spicy.

  15. They make coffee scented candles. Coffee + Coffeemate hazelnut creamer = crack.


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