Friday, May 05, 2006

Jazzy Pooches

I bet there are some kids out there who wanted
to ride this dog.

This dog was politic'in.

This pup was howling and whining. I think he
was just hungry.....we were near some food vendors.

Cujo was there too. He has gotten nice in his old age.


  1. on the first picture, i'm so distracted by the people's clothing, i can't even see the dog

  2. Look at the guy in the cujo picture. he looks like he ate a lemon or something.

  3. The Cujo dog...I can never remember what they're called. But my brother has three. They are frightfully large...but gorgeous.

  4. I'm with Susie about that first picture. Your dog must have smelled all those other dogs on you when you got back and been a little jealous not to have been invited.

  5. I like that howling hound. He would fit right in around here.


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