Sunday, September 10, 2006

The Courtyard Bistro Gig

The Courtyard Bistro gig that Uncle Joe had Friday night went off without a hitch. He had a nice quiet evening picking and grinning for about 13 people (including the owner and her assistant). The music he chose was nice jazzy type music that wasn't too loud or too busy. We visited with each other as we listened to him. He played everything from jazzed up gospel, show tunes and some original compositions. He used a gizmo called a looper that records a 30 second snippet of music and plays it in a loop. (That is why it's called a looper DUH!) You can add layer upon layer of music to this 30 second snippet. He used that, and made a one guitar performance sound like several. (pretty cool!)

Look who showed up at the Bistro! It's Leslee!! And Peanut!! What a surprise that was. She called to say she was on her way to Tahlequah to visit her family and wanted to stop by. She followed my expert directions and found the Bistro without getting lost. ;o) Leslee is pictured here at our home claiming the "Furthest Traveled" prize.

It was a fun evening and the food was fabulous. We (Me, Leslee and my FIL Patrick) all had Corn Chowder followed by an Italian Tomatoe Pesto Sandwich (tomatoes, alfalfa sprouts, cucumber sauce, chipotle sauce, tomatoe and cheez on ciabatta bread Yum) followed by the most wonderful the moment the name escapes me.....Leslee help me out here!! It was a crunchy/gooey chocolate brownie with very vanilla icecream and whipped cream on top. That and three spoons made Leslee, Peanut and me very happy girls! Hey chocolate ALWAYS makes ME happy!!

Joe made $6 in tips and got a free Mocha Freeze.

Something funny: the owner, Donna, asked if Leslee and I were sisters. :o)

The evening ended with Joe playing some gospel music and Donna, Leslee and me singing along.

It was a good day.


  1. Batman doesn't play "show tunes".
    He plays "Jazz Standards"

  2. I had so much fun! I'm glad I could be there to hear UJ play!!! That dreamy chocolaty delightful dessert was named something good, but I don't remember what it was either. Something Heavenly though I'm sure!

  3. Chocolate Heaven??
    We ate a dessert one time we nicknamed Chocolate Hell. I bake a cake called Torture by Chocolate. I love chocolate!!

    UJ: whoopsie!!

    Leslee: I was surprised at your call and so glad you and Peanut came too. You must do it again next time too.

  4. I will try to make it habit of mine!

  5. uncle Joe,
    just remember, jazz and chocolate make for rock and roll!! LOL Glad you had fun bro.. carry on..

  6. Sounds like so much fun. Too bad you can't give us a little "sound bite".

  7. That sounds like fun!
    Good days are awesome!

  8. guitarman: wow! so that's where rock and roll came from!

    Anne: I have some of it on video but have no clue how to download it. Where is a good techie when you need one??

    Raggedy: yes i love good days and pray for more every day. :o)

  9. i'm always late to the darn party. whats up with that.

    sounds so cool. i'm jealous, and all that stuff. cause i wanna be included. whine whine....

  10. You shared your chocolate thingamajiger with Leslee????

    *sob* I wanna visit TOO!!!!!!

  11. Jana and Susie we would have shared with you too!!! It was so good! The chocolaty brownie thing was oh so warm and gooey but a little firmer on the corner and the icecream... oh... I want some more!

  12. Susie: you need to set your watch up or something!

    Jana: Chocolate Thingamajigger! What a fun name. You should invent it, cook it and mail one to me. If it involves ice cream you will have to bring it in person. is that a problem?

    Leslee: speak for yourself Sister!! I'll fight for a good chewy/crunchy/icecreamy bite of Chocolate Heaven!!

  13. If you can save the video to your hard drive, you can upload it here and then post it to your blog.
    Yes, we DO want to hear it!

  14. The video picks up more talking than anything....
    There's a lot of video of Peanut trying to hit me in the face with a balloon..
    There might be a CD coming out soon...(for three payments of 19.99 you can hear three full minutes of me tuning!)

  15. fun and yum. That could be a rock band name.

    Dude, I'm got tix to see Fun and Yum!

  16. Ok AJ, we'll buy three chocolate thingys and not share!!!

  17. Super-duper!!
    Way to go, Joe!!!

    What a fun evening. I'm sure UJ thoroughly enjoyed it and so did the audience.
    What could be better than eating great food and listening to great music? No mucho (not much).

    Chocolate makes the world go 'round.
    Me loves it too!


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