Friday, September 15, 2006

Ugly Car Contest

Here is my submission for the Ugly Car Contest over at Susie's place.

It is a hearse that my Father In Law's neighbors drive daily. It has a flaming skull on the front quarter panel and some scary graphic on the back quarter panel. (I took the picture back in May on a rainy evening, so that is what the white specks are.) Needless to say these neighbors go all out for Halloween.....with lots of yard decorations, house decorations and of course the hearse front and center. It kinda gives me the creeps with the scary graphics. *shivers*

I will look forward to using my nice shiny new stapler and set it next to my spiffy red fan.

If I see any other strange vehiclemobiles I will be sure and post them too.


  1. Man, I really need that stapler.

  2. Hahaha I went to school with a kid who drove a hearse, and it's a shame he hadn't thought of painting it up like this.

    Wierd people... but probably rather entertaining, right?

  3. dang girl, thats not ugly thats SAAAWEEEETTTT

    my friend and i drove a hearse to mcdonalds in high school......just for one thought it was fun but us........

    you might just win with that thing

  4. lmao...
    Have a wonderful day!
    (=':'=) hugs
    (")_ (")Š from da Cool Raggedy one

  5. I was about to say, is that a hearse? That is a bit morbid---and really really extra preposterous with the fire on it and stuff. It's blazin' straight to hell, I guess!

    Gee, can't poor Anne just describe an ugly car from her imagination so she can get the stapler. She needs it, man. Those are strong words. The hell mobile is hard to beat though.

  6. Oh my! I have to agree with Susie on this one - that car is SWEEEEET!!
    Imagine all that space in the back!
    Like the flames. What a nice touch!

  7. Nerdine & Susie: I agree the car is cool, but I just don't like the graphics!! They scare me!

    Rachel: Maybe we could just describe the staple to Anne! :o)

    Raggedy! There you are!

    Lisa: Don't hurt yourself!

    Jana: I have only met the Hearse Drivers once. Their house is really something to see at Halloween. I will be sure and take a picture.

    Dawn: I know!

    Anne: Start begging...

  8. I have a feeling you're going to win.


    You are rubbing it in. Man, I have to get pics of the art car.

  10. new blog rules. at no time shall a blogger allow more than 3 days to elapse before sharing a new post which allows for the rest of us to see what that blogger has been up to, be it trouble of various kinds, or absolute nonsense. the same goes for commenting on others blogs.

  11. they are actually very nice people with very weird taste in vehicles and tattoos (don't forget yard ornaments). When aunt J's FIL is out of town they feed the cat, and at other times help him move heavy furniture and do small around the house kinds of chores that FIL can't do anymore. They actually show this monstrosity in some kind of annual hearse rally.Sorry for butting in, Auntie J!


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