Thursday, September 14, 2006

You know.....

You know you are from Oklahoma if you have to use your heater and air conditioner in the same day.

Yesterday I had a call to do a drugscreen collection about 2:30am. It was very chilly and I had to use my heater on the way. After work yesterday, it was very hot in my car and I had to use the a/c a bit just to cool off.

We have had wonderful weather lately. Chilly mornings and warm afternoons. Makes me wish we had a picnic table at work.....or better yet a hammock to lay in a read. Ahhhhhh wouldn't that be heavenly!

Please keep Joe's mother, G-Mom, in your prayers today. She is having an angiogram and at least one stent put in her heart, and possibly more. She will be at an area Heart Hospital where they specialize in cardiac care, so she will be in excellent hands. Our prayer is that she come through safely and without incident, and that this procedure alleviates some of the symptoms she has been having lately that have prohibited her from enjoying her normal active life. She loves to be active in the lives of her grand-daughters and grand-son (and grand-dog) and they love to be with her. They especially love taking turns spending the night one by one. There
are 4 grand-daughters here locally and they keep her hopping!

One day last week something strange happened to me. I wasn't having a particularly BAD day at work....just feeling a little stressed. This man checked in and when I asked him what he was here for he answered me in a Donald Duck voice! I put my head down and laughed so hard, then got so embarrassed for laughing that my face turned 9 shades of red. It broke the tension that had built up in me and was so funny! He also had other voices, but none of them seemed quite as funny as that unexpected Donald Duck.........

Yesterday Cassidy told me "Mom I don't want to ever hurt Jesus' feelings cause he is my favorite."

Carly and I went to a foot ball game here Tuesday evening and of course she wanted to pal around with her friends. (Who wouldn't?) She went up and down the bleachers so many times that her legs were sore the next day. I am so glad she is making friends. She seems to be happy and having a good time with them too. THey are a little herd of giggly girls doing all those things giggly girls like to do.


  1. Lots going on in your part of the country. I have not had to use the heater yet but the nights & early mornings are definately cool enough that AC is not needed!

    Sorry to hear about Joes mom. I will keep her and all of you in my prayers today! They are doing such amazing things these days when it comes to the heart. I hope she will do well and have a speedy recovery!

    And I like the phrase "little herd of giggly girls" it makes me laugh! They do seem to always have something to giggle about, don't they!

  2. I hope Joe's mom recovers quickly and has an excellent result. I'm sure she is anxious to get back to actively spoiling her grandkids.

    The Donald Duck voice HAD to be hilarious!!

  3. 2:30 in the morning? You're kidding! I was so sound asleep at 2:30 I doubt a tornado could have waken me.

    I hope everything goes well with G-ma Joe. Keep us posted.

    Donald Duck, gotta love it!

    Cassidy is so so precious. I hope she doesn't ever hurt Jesus' feelings! He's my favorite too!!!

    Carly is doing great! I'm glad she's liking her new school.

  4. Sorry to hear about G-Mom. My thoughts and prayers are with you all.
    Cassidy is adorable!
    Donald duck was sooooooooo funny...
    Have a wonderful day!
    (=':'=) hugs
    (")_ (")Š from da Cool Raggedy one

  5. A lurker says: Thanks to you above who have prayed for uncle Joe's mom. Also mine by the way. Update: be home tomorrow. Sorry for butting in, auntie J!


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