Thursday, September 21, 2006

Host My Hubby

I have come to realize (after some good advice) that I need to find a hubby.

It is hard to think of a hubby for me.

Will you help me?

No rock climbing- too fluffy

No jogging- too bouncy

No recreational geometry- too silly

No guitar picking- i love my nails!haha (that and my fingertips got numb after a lesson the other night)

No kick boxing- I live with Batman...I don't need kick boxing to protect me

No kayaking-too far to travel to the rapids (unless McBunni invites us over!)

No water skiing- too bouyant (Islands in the Stream)

No singing- I sing through my nose I am told (i still don't believe it......heehee!!)

No sculpting- too muddy

No painting-unless it is by numbers

No cake decorating-too many calories.....and i would HAVE to taste my work!!

No bead making- i hear it involves hot tools and that is just what i need lying around my house a mini-flame thrower.

No golf-too long and it looks boring....although i have it on good authority it is loads of fun.

No wine tasting- it made me tipsy and almost fall down. ;0)

What would you suggest my Blogger Friends??


  1. i'll let everyone else weigh in since i had the advantage through email. lol

  2. I love photography, scrapbooking, and riding 4-wheelers. :)

  3. I just read Good Housekeeping
    Issue #1 and it is very prophetic and timely and just for you..
    1) Good Housekeeping
    2)..... wait!!!
    Blogging is YOUR hobby you silly goose..!

  4. Susie: Thanks for the idea!

    Lynn: photography? i cut peoples heads off.

    Joe: Good housekeeping? What fun is that? I love throwing socks around looking for mates. (Yes Y'all I still have that box o sox! I moved it with us.)
    I am a Hobby Blogger?? (Say that three times fast!) Right now I am a sneaky blogger....blogging at work.

  5. Rifle twirling?
    Coffee Swirling?
    Garden growing?
    Tummy showing?(9 mos. later....)
    Airplane flying?
    Knick-knack buying?
    Fancy cooking?
    Birdy looking?
    Quilt making?
    Confection baking?
    High speed dubbing?
    Hubby neck rubbing?
    Scenery painting?
    Jogging fainting?

    Corner preaching I have found
    Will get you run out of town.

  6. Dear Uncle Joe:
    Rifle twirling? Been there done that!

    Coffee Swirling? OK!! With vanilla creamer!

    Garden growing? With Silver Bells and Cockle Shells (or how about cucumbers and tomatoes?)

    Tummy showing?(9 mos. later....)NOOOOOOO!

    Airplane flying? Will you fly with me?

    Knick-knack buying? NO! I purged all my knick knack paddywacks!

    Fancy cooking? That's your job. I will just clean up.

    Birdy looking? Bye Bye Birdie!

    Quilt making? I can't sew yet!!

    Confection baking? Sounds sahweet!

    High speed dubbing? I am proficient at high speed FLUBBING.

    Hubby neck rubbing? Will that be reciprocated? Hmmmm??

    Scenery painting? I have a resident arteest for that.

    Jogging fainting? You can say that again....with black eyes

  7. I suggest something creative, like sewing or knitting or furniture refinishing. They keep your hands busy and there's no calorie intake.

  8. I like scrapbooking - when there's time. I like it because it's a hobby that benefits the whole family.

  9. i find that a good round of scrabble can be a good thing to rouse the spirits...

    hows about recreational beer drinking
    log rolling
    tootsie rolling
    flame throwing
    shrub trimming (not the neighbors, they tend to not appreciate it)
    blog hopping
    shop shlopping
    walmart fallapart
    ice cream eating contests
    underwater golfball stacking
    upsidedown basket weaving
    syncronized swimming
    pyschological anyalizations
    marathon reading
    marathon sex
    discus/shotput throw
    duck hunting
    bargain hunting
    phone smashing
    soliciting door to door
    become a moonie and hang out at the airport
    hang your own moon at passerby's
    rosebush growing
    skipping stones
    sprint boat racing
    batting cages

  10. Seeker: you are so smart! i do know how to crochet...but only straight lines. we have lots of scarves and afghans. :o)

    Anne: scrapbooking looks SO much fun, but i know me and i would over spend and not use all the stuff. maybe i could team up with some locals!

    recreational beer drinking- is there any other kind?

    log rolling- i might get my hair wet when i fall in because i am laughing so hard.

    tootsie rolling- they hurt my teeth

    flame throwing-only after a large meal of mexican food. heehee

    shrub trimming (not the neighbors, they tend to not appreciate it)I just trim Joe's ear hair sprouts. He trims the shrubs...they are very tall.

    blog hopping-that's always fun

    shop shlopping- i am still purging from previous shlopping trips

    walmart fallapart- 'splain please

    ice cream eating contests-no one could come close to my dad, Art in the icecream department. he would win all the prizes!!

    underwater golfball stacking- hmmm only if it is Hawaii.

    upsidedown basket weaving-i do have some Cherokee Indian blood and a great aunt that wove baskets but she didn't teach me and i don't want an upside down headache.

    syncronized swimming- who will be my partner?? you? you are too short and i am too bouyant. haha

    pyschological anyalizations-they make me think I am the odd ball

    marathon reading-do bathroom walls count?

    marathon sex- holy moly!!

    discus/shotput throw- do dirty dishes coung as discus?

    duck hunting- i would laugh every time i did the duck call! (maybe i could get that Donald Duck speaking patient to come with me.)

    bargain hunting-I am already pretty good at that. Me and Clarence are good friends. I know where all his racks are in all the stores.

    phone smashing- i would totally love to smash the phones at work. they drive me insane.

    soliciting door to door- "Would you like to buy some home-made handicrafts?"

    become a moonie and hang out at the airport- I don't think my head would look good shaved. I wonder if a bald cap would work?

    hang your own moon at passerby's- they would recognize my batman tattoo on my bootie and tell Joe and the kids and that would be hard to explain.

    rosebush growing- Rosebush was the name that Andi had picked out for her baby sister when G-mom was pregnant. Good thing it was a boy. Joe named him Jory. :o)

    skipping stones- hey i can do that pretty good, but there isn't enough room in the bathtub.

    sprint boat racing- i feel the need for speed!!

    batting cages-ooh! i loved doing that in my younger years. i don't even think there is one here any more. dang. you were on to something.

    Good suggestions!!

  11. my favorite hobby is playing with my fluffy wuffy wittle doggie.

  12. Soapmaking! I make soap like a freak and I love it. It is good for you and your family's biggest organ---the skin, and it is all natural, sweet smelling, and full of chemistry and you would never really know it.

    It makes good gifts ALWAYS and people flock around you to get some. You become everyone's best friend. You like to be liked, don't you? Invest in soapmaking (and I don't mean melt and pour, I mean grandma's lye soap) and you will not be disappointed. I swear.

  13. I have on good authority that there is a very qualified aikido instructor in Tahlequah. What about a class of some sort. Something you're interested in, just for fun?

  14. Uncle Joe beat me to it and I quote:

    Blogging is YOUR hobby you silly goose..!

  15. walmart fallapart, nothing to explain except i was just typing the first things that popped in my head, which as you know can be dangerous?

    as for the soliciting, its "home woven handicrafts". if you wanna do deb impersonations, i gotta straighten ya out. remember, i've watched it 90 times. at least. i'm lame like that. i've also seen ricky bobby 3 times. again, i say...lame.....but i'm all alone over here, with no friends, and no one to hang with, so i go to movies by me self.

  16. Jenn: I have a fluffy itty bitty kitty, but I am not his favorite human. Will a fluffy wuffy hubbie work?? Joe's hair is getting fluffy....

    Rachel: I have done the melty kind of soap and loved it! My girls love to do it too and once I came home from work to find my kitchen table covered in my soap making materials....all empty and messed up. I am so glad they inherited my love of crafts, but I am a little territorial about them too.

    ANP: I thought of that...not aikido but a class. Aikido does sound interesting though. I wonder if I am too bouncy? Could I keep a straight face??

    Granny: You are right, but I need a back up!

    Susie: thanks for the correction. Now if any of y'all try and quote any Disney movie from the last 12 years I will be correcting you. I remember when Carly was little we watched "Babe" over and over and over again. We could quote it all from memory. BTW one of my secret resolutions is to go to a movie by myself. I have only had the opportunity about twice this year and talked myself out of it both times because there was nothing on that I wanted to invest two hours in.

    That'll do pig.....

  17. i went to see Little Miss Sunshine by myself last night, and i loved it. that was a hilarious, sad, and profound show. dark humor, but really good. i recommend it. i also recommend going to the movies by yourself. no one is smacking on food next to you, or talking, or trying to grope you. you can just sit back, relax and enjoy the show

    unless of course you like to be groped...........

  18. I need a hobby too - or that is - I need to have something other than blogging. I've tried knitting, I'm just not patient enough. I get one sock done, and I can't be bothered to do the other one. Now I'm knitting slippers. That is - I've knitted ONE slipper.. *lol*
    I'm hopeless...

  19. Susie....well there you go.

    Nerdine you just need to make friends with an amputee. I am sure they will appreciate the one sock and one slipper!

  20. You've gotten some great suggestions so far. Susie is pumping them out like crazy, so there's bound to be a goodie in the mix.

    Here in AR, we enjoy roadkill chili cook offs, plumber's butt cleavage contests, and holding our breath 'til we faint.
    Personally, I train fleas in my spare time. They are smarter than dolphins.

  21. *lol*
    I'm sure! Now - where to find one??
    if you know anyone - please send them this way.. :)

  22. Hey! Someone has been jacking up my post!!! HUBBY????


  23. holy moly, i DOES say that. no wonder i kept thinking something was weird. rap that man on the jack johnson!

  24. oh dear lord, the amputee comment is killing me.............

  25. Hello !!
    Just dropping by.
    Take care, Meow

  26. Oh, thanks for the laugh!!!

  27. I think you should make frames for Carlys artwork out of old barns. Or maybe learn how to weld or become a glassblower and do Branson type shows dressed like a pilgrim.

  28. We have a winner!!

    Ted you may pick up your lifetime supply of Ovaltine (1 jar) at Wal-mart for only $4.99)

  29. You need a new HUBBY???

    Someone really is playing blog tricks on you.
    I'd say UJ is the culprit.

  30. Okay, I could sware this was "hobby" the last time I was here. What's going on?


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