Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Happy Boobah Cassidy

Happy Boobah to my baby!

'bout this time 8 yrs ago I was snuggling with my newborn baby daughter in a warm hospital bed singing Christmas carols softly in her ear. She slept right through my songs.

Since that night we have been laughing with this kid and the silly stuff she says. (Like last week: "Mom do boys have something called a nut?" My reply: Yes it is on top of their shoulders and it is called THEIR HEAD" Carly was in the back seat saying, "I can't WAIT to hear your answer Mom." I handled that well don't you think? )


  1. You handled that perfectly! How hilarious. Wait til you get to the harder questions like I got the other night "hey mom what is "s*men" I referred him to his farsher

  2. niiiiice.

    And happy belated birthday to Cassidy!

  3. Boys, in general, are just big nuts. They are wacky, silly, demented, and kinda fun to be around.

    You handled her question very well.
    Carly was worried for you, I'm sure.

    Happy B-day, Sweetie Cassidy!

  4. har har har! Quick on the draw, AJ...

    Sorry I missed the b-day.

  5. Oh gosh! The title of this post caught my eye--I have a Cassidy (although mine is 18) and my children's favorite word for nursing is "boobah" --you darn well know when that show came out we all had a good chuckle!

  6. I PROMISE I'm not spam :)

    And your definition of 'nut' made me giggle.

    Have a great holiday and birthday wishes to your daughter.

  7. My son has asked me off and on what those "things" were on my chest. I would just tell him it was my chest. Well... apparently that hasn't been a good enough answer because while watching America's funniest videos he shouts "look at those boochies" as a very top heavy woman shimmies around the room in a video. I have since corrected him.


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