Monday, December 31, 2007

She Has It All Figured Out

A co-worker, Cathey, has a niece named Alli. Alli is Cathey's MiniMe. Cathey is kind of matter-of-fact in all she does. She doesn't get all silly goofy about things like I do. She is the voice of reason, the devil's advocate and always the one to put you in your place and tell you just how it is. Her niece is the same way. Alli is 4 yrs old.

Cathey went to visit Alli this weekend and was asking what she was going to get for Christmas. Their conversation went like this:

"Alli, what is Santa going to bring you for Christmas?"

"Blue Dora (the Explorer) ear-rings and necklace"

"Oh.....that sounds nice" At this point Cathey realizes these items have never been mentioned before and her mother is clueless that she wants these.

"Well you know sometimes Santa doesn't bring us every single thing we want, and that's OK isn't it?"

Alli replies, "He is bringing me Dora ear rings and necklace Aunt Cappy"

Cathey knows there is no chance Alli will get the jewelry so Cathey and Alli's dad decide to try to persuade her against wanting the earrings. They get a pair of earrings and tell her, "Alli do you know how ear rings get in your ears? They take the ear rings and put a little tiny hole in your ear."

"Does it hurt?" asks Alli

"Yes but just for a minute" Cathey tells her.

Alli ponders this thought for a while and when her dad is visiting with her later about Christmas the ear rings come up again.

"Remember Alli, you'll have to get little holes in your ears to wear the ear rings. You don't want them to do that to your ears remember?"

Alli has it ALL figured out and says, "Oh Santa is going to bring me new ears."

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