Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Hump Day

I feel like I have a hump on my back. Too much over time for AJ who is getting older and older.......but I am tough, I will bounce back befor you know it. (and probably hit you in the face on the return trip haha)

I helped with a catering for the local power company last night. I got to be at the most important table: THE DESSERT TABLE. I had a table full of pumpkin pie, turtle cheesecake and strawberry cake to serve. I did not push the turtle cheesecake under strict orders from my cousin Wendy across the way. She was really hoping that some would be left to take home with her. The last time I saw Wendy she was absconding with a left over pecan pie. She is a Pie Snatcher.

CarlyJo is sick this week. She caught Mom's cold. I suffered through it last week and thought I was going to explode in a snotty mess. Isn't it amazing the amount of mucous your body can produce? It just isn't right!

A local radio station is playing Christmas music 24/7. It is nice for a little while, then it gets annoying.

Got any good ideas for home made Christmas gifts??

UJ and I got ourselves a KitchenAid mixer, black of course. I can't wait to whip up some cookies! It should arrive soon. Now I won't have any thing to open on Christmas morning! :o(

I got Carly the coolest gift's a

eeeep! gotta go look at the time!

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  1. Life is way too busy..
    I can't believe another year has flown by.

    Enjoy your KitchenAid!


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