Friday, December 07, 2007

All I have to do today is...

go to work
get as much done in 6 hours as I do in 8
come home
pick up Cassidy early from school
(My friend Carol and her two daughters are coming to spend the night and go to Tulsa with us to celebrate Cassidy's upcoming birthday Dec 11. )
make a cake
make icing (for the first time)
decorate a cake (Cassi designed will follow after completion)
sweep and mop the floor
clean up the mess from the cake
grocery shop
tidy up the bathrooms
wrap a gift for Cassidy
have fun!

I like the last part best.

Bizzy Buzzy Day today


  1. sounds like lots of fun!

  2. yeah, we could use some help getting me off the couch....

  3. Wow, you really DID have a LOT to do yestereday.
    I hope you got it all done and are now having a blast in Tulsa!!
    I hope Cassidy's b-day cake turned out great.
    Happy b-day to her!!
    Post some pics please, so we can see your cake and your cutie pie, Cassidy.
    If you don't already have one, get a Clorox Ready Mop. It makes mopping a breeze. I have lots of tile throughout my house, and I love my Ready Mop.

    Happy Weekend!!

  4. I have ways to get people off couches but it involves electricity and a tad of me

  5. UJ: you are out numbered here pal.

    get up and do some dishes.

    Doozie: OH MY!!

    Jamiedawn: I will need lessons on the Ready Mop.....can you come show me?

    Leslee: yes it was fun. loud and crazy kind of fun involving many strangers in a crowded where you can lose your kid in a second. good thing my kid is very loud and would holler if she got lost.

  6. I wouldn't mind coming over and showing you how to use that handy dandy Ready Mop.
    I'd be HAPPY to mop your floors for you.
    I would only expect dinner and dessert as payment.

    Just dropped by to see ya.
    Hope you are having a good week.
    You are a doll, AJ!!
    You are merry and gay and lovely!
    Gay, in the old way, I mean, not the new way.
    Just to clarify.


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