Monday, July 31, 2006

Day Duh and Tree

We somehow managed to get to the conference just as the first speaker was starting every day. I will count that as a blessing. I (and Susie I believe) would not have wanted to be in that hall with 4,000 women buzzing around. It gave me a bit of claustrophobia, and I could not help staring at everyones shoes.

Day Two we got to hear two new speakers: Jan Silvious and Donna Otto. Both these women were very funny and gave us a wonderful lesson. They both had books for sale in the "bookstore" but we did not buy any. I will be checking some of them out in our local library.

We had a long lunch break and decided to walk downtown for some lunch again. Did you know that on Saturdays that a lot of the downtown merchants close?? We didn't. There was a young woman outside the conference center handing out flyers advertising free cookies to conference attendees so we (of course...who is going to turn down free cookies?) headed down there. We located the deli quickly as we had seen it the previous day but decided to walk around a bit and just survey our choices. There were not other choices so we walked back to The Steamboat Deli where we were treated to a local who blurted out a very politically incorrect statement that I won't even repeat. We just looked at each other and inched as close as we could to the entrance of the deli. (for a quite yummy lunch I might add)

We had some time later to do some shopping at a HUGE mall near the conference and had a ball shopping for our family. I found Joe a cute shirt with a jazzy fellow running that says "Cuppa Joe on the go" Susie sniffed that one out for me. I missed it. I repaid the favor when I sniffed out a couple of Calvin and Hobbes books on Clarence's Rack at Barnes and Noble later. Why is it I could find all kinds of things for my family but had the hardest time finding something for myself. I hate that. Oh well, it gives me another reason to do some shopping TODAY! haha)

After a late supper...come to think of it all our suppers were late (We were having some difficulty with the time difference) we went back home to blog a bit and to bed. You know we didn't turn the TV on once while we were attending this conference?

Day Tree was very short, and actually more of the same with one difference. We discovered there were RECLINERS in the bookstore. They had a video feed in there so we got to listen to the last round of speakers in style!

All in all it was a good conference. The speakers were very inspiring women of God. You can tell by the way they act and speak that they are very intelligent and very in love with our Most Awesome God. We both came away inspired and challenged to make changes in our lives....ones that will continue to feed us and help us feed others by the word of God.

One thing that Kay Arthur said was that we are like a precious jewel in the hand of God. Can things still get to us? Yes. She points to the cracks in her fingers. BUT remember ladies that nothing can get to you without first having been filtered through LOVE. It has to pass through the hands of God before it gets to you.

If you ever get the awesome chance to go to a conference like this by all means go. It was so awesome being in a room with 4,000 women who love God and were there to learn and grow.



  1. oh my golly goodness! I'm first!
    I'm first!!!!!!

    i'm honored and priveleged to read about our own story here on the great blog of our very own auntie joe.

    well written, well said, and un-challenged AJ!


  2. So glad to know you had a great time. (And that you made it home in one piece.. well, 2 pieces, actually.)
    Hope Joe and the kids did just as well, and didn't nuke too many toys.

  3. uncle joe blew up the microwave.....

    whoops, did i say that outloud!

    i just told on him. how long before he backhands me........

    but it was so darned funny

  4. Susie: it better be unchallenged because it is the truth!!

    Yes people, our own Uncle Joe blew up the old microwave in the new house. It was an old thing, at least 23 years old and still worked. He was trying to warm up some left over Nachos Humongous from Applebee's and didn't realize the paper they were wrapped in was foil on one side. He said he looked over there and flames were shooting out. Good thing we had a back up. :o)

    Seeker: i think UJ is looking forward to our next visit.


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