Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Gobhole Adventure in Oklahoma

The adventure has begun y'all!

Susie and Dylan arrived safely in the state of Oklahoma last night about 9:30pm. We arrived a little early at the airport and it was the longest wait of our little girl's lives! They asked every few minutes, "How much longer Mom/Dad? Are they here yet?"

We spotted them way off down the hall and recognized everyone immediately. We had made signs to welcome them and even had someone come up and ask to see who we were meeting when they walked up- I guess they had no idea what a Gobhole Girl was. (who would?)

Susie has a beautiful smile and is more beatiful in person. Dyl wasn't a bit shy and will fit right in with the Goofballs at our house! (ie Carly and CassiJo) He fit in so well that they all had to be paid a dollar to be quiet on the way home from Tulsa. It was the hardest dollar Carly ever earned and Cassi fell asleep so it was the easiest for her! :o) Heehee!

We made it home after a snack at McDonald's and visited a little while until everyone got sleepy.

They are still snoozing because their bodies are still on Idaho time......two hours behind us. Our girls are up and wanting to play.

Good morning and let the games begin!! :o)

PS Note to self: ALWAYS CARRY EXTRA CAMERA BATTERIES! (i did it again......the batteries died right before they got here)


  1. I'm glad they arrived safely! I hope ya'll have a great time! What's on the schedule for today? Twisted Joes?

  2. OK, if you still have the sign you can still take a picture. In front of your new house...

  3. I like that idea! Picture! Picture! Picture!

    I'll be coming through the weekend of August 5th. Don't know if I'll have Peanut or Nickel... I might leave them at home... so you'll have to email me your new number so I can call you if I get to stop on my way (you'll be back from your other vacation by then, right?)

  4. I'm so jealous. *I* want Susie & Dyl, too!!!

  5. SIX, 6, six, 6 DAYS!!!! That's a LONG visit!!

  6. Anne: yes i hope that is a good thing! i hope we don't drive them crazy! :o)

    Saur: so far it's been fun!

    Leslee: the extra batteries I bought today came in handy when Susie's camera died...yay for me!

    Seeker: Roger that!

    So far we are getting along nicely. Cassidy is a little intense and has to be reminded not to get in Dyl's personal bubble. Carly and Dyl are getting along great playing video games and performing for us. They are very funny together!! UJ and Badoozer have only had to duke it out once and that was over the last doughnut we had for breakfast. I'll let HIM tell you who won that one. Dyl is keeping us laughing and the more we laugh the more he performs. We went out to dinner at Sam & Ellas this evening and ate too much, tried to go to Braum's for dessert and got scared away by the mile long line.

  7. Hmm... Braums had a long line? In the 'Quah? Weird. There's never been a long line when I've been there.

    Before Braums there was a little icecream place across the street there on the corner where an insurance place is now. I don't remember what it was called but one of my first memories was in that place. I remember thinking I had the biggest icecream in the world. I thought there were 15 scoops, but as I got older I realized it was just the soft-serve stuff.

    Ok, enough about me. Glad you guys had fun make sure you post a picture from Sam and Ella's soon!!!

  8. Somebody help....I'm sinking into a .....giant....gob.....hole....

    (Will Batman sink into a giant Gobhole, now that boy wonder is here? Stay tuned next week, same Bat-time, same Bat-station!!)

  9. My son is over my shoulder as I'm reading Uncle Joe's comment. He pointing at the avatar(?) saying:

    "What is that Mom? Batman?!"

  10. I just hate the battery thing..Mine always crap out just when I need them..
    It sounds like you are all having fun..
    Enjoy your time together!
    Have a wonderful day!
    (=':'=) meow hugs
    (")_ (")Š from da Raggedy one

  11. Anne, you have a very smart kid there!

  12. it's funny, but UJ is not the one sinking into gobholism. and you will find out why later

  13. I wanna see a pic of the welcome signs!!!!!!


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