Sunday, July 09, 2006

The Graduate and The Girl

Proud parents of the graduate.....the KINDERGARTEN graduate.

CassiJo waiting for her big moment to cross the stage.

Things have been so hectic around here I failed to get CassiJo's graduation pix posted more timely. Here she is in all her kindergarten glory. By the way, she is very smart and knows a lot of stuff. If you have any questions about life or candy you need answered please leave them in the comment section.

Breaking news: she is learning that she is FINALLY big enough to ride her big girl bike. It had been too tall the last few times she tried to ride it, but with the growth spurt she has had, she can finally touch the ground. (No training wheels either!)

Here is our 5th grade graduate. She will be attending Middle School when we move next month. She is a little nervous but has learned that some of her friends from her old school have also moved to our new town.

Our new neighbors have 3 young boys (and one more on the way) so hopefully CarlyJo will have lots of opportunities to babysit. She has been working really hard with Papa (my dad) mowing and helping him so she can earn enough money to buy an ipod or shuffle thingy. I am very proud of her for sticking with it. (It also helps that Papa is keeping the money til she has enought....that way she is not tempted to spend it. haha!)


  1. thats a very good idea papa has, of not letting her be tempted to whittle away the dough

    you must be very proud of your graduate there. now what i can't get past is that soda pop dispensing machine there in the hallway of an elementary school. do they not know the evils of carbonation?

  2. its been so darned long since i posted for dyl on his blog, low and behold i forgot to sign him off!!!

    that was me up there by the way

  3. Susie: Well...that is a soda MACHINE, but it only has very expensive fruit juices in it. Needless to say, the girls don't vend. As I read "Dyl's" comment I thought: Wow we are in trouble. He sounds just like his mother. I don't know what the girls will do with him!! He sounds so mature! haha

  4. stay strong CarlyJo!! You can do it!! CassieJo is SOOOOOOOOO CUTE!! They both look like mom (carlyjo has dad's eyes, me think)

  5. who's the fat guy you're sittin by?

  6. Wonderful post and pictures. Thanks for sharing.
    Have a wonderful day!
    (=':'=) meow hugs
    (")_ (")Š from da Raggedy one

  7. I want dance pix! I am glad you are finally up to May. Maybe June will come around soon!

    CassiJo is a cutie-pie as always. Her purple flip-flops are perfect.

    CarlyJo looks older (again) in this photo. How old is the oldest boy of the new neighbors?

    And lastly, even though CarlyJo is ravenously beautimous in this photo the first thing I noticed was the packing box in the background!

  8. wow - I hadn't realized how much your girls lok like you AJ!
    And soo cute!

    I wish my mom would've kept money I earned too until I had enough to buy whatever I saved up for. I never managed to buy anything...

  9. It is no fun trying to stop a bike when your feet don't reach the ground.

    Now she can leave plenty of skid marks all over the driveway.

  10. Emma: the girls are a perfect blend of us....

    Uncle Joe: stop that or i will poke you in your shiny eye.

    Raggedy: back atcha!

    ANP: Coming Soon.....Dance Pix!!
    The neighbors have a 5, 4 and 1 yr old and one in the oven. Packing boxes are everywhere. There was not a clean spot to use. I noticed that too...did you see they are urine cup boxes?

    Nerdine: CarlyJo looked just like Joe when they were each 3 yrs old. The money she does get a hold of burns a hole in her pocket. Sometimes I have to get mean and make her save it.

    Jenn: I had to remind her that she had brakes. She was trying to drag her feet and stop like Fred Flintsone! Yesterday she hit a tree. After making sure she was ok we laughed. It happened so fast!!

  11. there's a slight problem with you links. carly's blog is not there. how exactly did this happen?

  12. My assistant must have overlooked that. They will be whipped accordingly, rest assured. :o)

  13. What cutie patooties! We don't have graduations around here. We just say "Okay, we've finished with first grade curriculum. Time to order stuff for second grade."

  14. Congrats to CassiJo and CarlyJo! Another school year behind them, and several ahead of them.
    Your girls are smart and pretty, and very sweet, I'm sure.
    You and UJ should be very proud!
    I enjoyed the pics and post about your meeting with Leslee and her young'un.

  15. just makes me think how fast things go in life. our son will start pre school and it seems like he was just a baby. life is so fast!

  16. The urine test cups are precisely to what I was referring! Believe me, I am not one to comment on boxes. Remember my history!

  17. Anne: do the kids get to pick out school stuff too?

    Jamie Dawn: did that story give you any ideas?

    Kish: Life speeds by faster and faster....

    ANP: yes....i do remember SOMETHING about boxes -everywhere boxes!

  18. Okay, question for the candy graduate...which is better, to chew M&M's or savor and suck them until is a debate between Mr. Dapoppins and I...I say NEVER chew chocolate...but he says if it chrunches, it is ment to be chewed. Looking for expert opinion

  19. 'em girls are sweeties!

  20. Uncle Joe?!!!!!!! Fat guy??? Can I hit him, AJ? He looks like a genius. Wait are his eye's glowing?? I KNEW IT!!!!!!!!

  21. No. We just use free pencils we find collected around the house.

    We DO, because it's all over the place at every store, buy SOME school stuff but not much. We're not required to supply the entire home schooling group with toilet tissue, glue, etc. :) Sorry, just had to say that.

  22. Isn't it amazing how quickly they grow up??? WOW does she look like you!

  23. So, are you packing and moving and that's why you're not blogging? Or do you just not think you're intersting enough to post?

  24. your husband has been posting new stuff, and you have not, so i am left to conclude that you are doing more work than him on the moving. so he will be punished when i arrive.


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