Saturday, July 01, 2006

Bloggers Meet

Tonight The Joe family will embark on a new adventure. We will meet our blogger friend, Leslee. Her family lives in a nearby town and we are meeting at the best pizza joint in Green Country, Sam & Ellas. (I am looking forward to that Rock Island Red pizza almost as much as I am looking forward to meeting her and Peanut. :o)Pictures will abound.I wonder what her voice sounds like?I wonder if our daughters will get along?I wonder how tall she is?Will I recognize her?If I have spinach in my teeth will she tell me?


  1. That sounds so exciting! I hope you all have great fun. I think it would be so cool to meet some of the people I have been blogging with. Congratulations on the side bar additions. Make sure you save and copy your template to notepad. Have a wonderful day!
    (=':'=) meow hugs
    (")_ (")Š from da Raggedy one

  2. ...or a BBLN....?! Yikes!

    Have fun. Waiting for a full report, with pix.

  3. Well, I hate my voice.

    Our daughters got along great!

    I'm not tall. Pretty much on the short side.

    I recognized you and that's all that mattered.

    You didn't have spinich in your teeth and I would've told you if you had!

    We had a great time! I'm looking forward to my next trip to Greencountry! Maybe I'll make it back before Christmas.

  4. i'm jealous, you cheated on me!! you and leslee, running around blog budding it up over there........oh wait. i cheated on you with emmers. sorry bout that, please forgive. i wanna meet leslee too!!!!!

  5. Susie, I wish I were a little closer to Green Country so I could meet you when you actually fly in!

  6. Raggedy: I love the idea of bloggers meeting. Joe is convinced it would be a great reality show.

    Seeker: We both got some good pictures. Please stay tuned!

    Leslee: we had a great time. i was a little apprehensive but my fears were quickly put to rest. :o) we are having left over pizza for supper....well Carly and Joe are. I ate my piece cold. haha

    Susie: Please don't be jealous. Green is not your color! If you were driving you could swing by her home...since you're flying you'll just have to wave as you fly over. :o)

    Leslee: just be looking up in the sky late after noon on Gobhole Day and you'll see her. She will be in the jet flying with the radio cranked up to Third Day.

  7. no way, i'll be the one with the moon face.........

  8. Ok, Gobhole Day is when exactly? I don't want to miss Susie flying over. I wouldn't get to wave wildly to show her which ant I am.

  9. AJ, you had NOTHIN to be scared of! Sweet, innocent, little o' me?

    We had a great time! Peanut asked if we could go back to the park and play with ya'll. I'm thinkin maybe she's under the impression ya'll live there. But at least she didn't say she wanted to go to watch those people make out and ignor their children!

  10. Oh how fun! I can see from her comment that "ya'll" had a good time. I love that "ya'll" talk!

    Pizza is always a good choice. Pizza just simple makes me happy. That and chocolate truffles must be the food of the angels.

    I hope you have a fun Independence Day.
    It's time for fireworks!!!!!

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  12. this has nothing to do with this latest post, but your previous rambling one...

    Are you planning on putting the painting currently above your bed in your new room? If the answer is yes, then draw a color from it. If I remember correctly a coffee brown would even look really nice with it. If you're not planning on using this painting there, then I think a soft yellow sounds beautiful. (I don't remember any yellows in that painting. Are there?) Just beware. We had picked what we thought was a soft yellow for AlliJO before she was born, only it turned out to be super-duper-lemon yellow--and got repainted white (because we were out of time!)


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