Friday, July 28, 2006

Day One

  1. The first day of the conference was wonderful. The speakers were great and we spent a lot of the day hearing some of the wonderful Christian ladies I have heard on the radio: Janet Parshall and Kay Arthur. The other speakers are ones that I have never heard of but were great, save one, who was too loud and we politely ducked out for a break during her rousing lesson. (We could hear her lesson on the speakers outside in the foyer so we didn't miss anything but the loudness of it.)

    Let me give you a run down of the Idiot things that happened today:
    1. we didn't judge our travel time well enough and were late
    2. we had to park in the highest level of the parking garage
    3. there were no "edge" seats in the place and we had to crawl over people to sit down.
    4. we both forgot to pack our Bibles and gladly bought ourselves new ones in the book store. :o)
    5. both meals we had today were served by the two slowest waitresses in the nation, but we were nice and tipped them anyway. (our tip was, "Don't eat yellow snow.")
    6. we, along with 20 other women took over the men's restroom when the line to the ladies was too long.
    7. when we left to come back home we were almost run off the road by a crazy driver passing us on the RIGHT hand side of the road, scaring us half to death.
    8. the key to our room was deactivated when we got back from the last speaker 9. barnes and nobel closed and we didn't get through smelling the books. (heehee!)

    I think these are all a result of the "gobhole phenomenon".

    Truthfully, we are having a good time and enjoying the teaching we are hearing and just looking foward to hearing from God.

    Here are some pictures to look at:

    here is Susie at her favorite purveyor of coffee beverages: Starbucks. It was in the swanky hotel where we had a $9.00 club sandwich.

    We had a much better supper at Cracker Barrel, as you can see it was teeth pickin'good. I just love those rockers on the front porch. It was here she tasted her first fried okra. We had fun shopping in the store for the kids. Didja know they will ship stuff home for you? Cool huh? That way you don't have to lug it home.


  1. Cool, I'm first!

    Those pictures are great! Why did the hotel deactivate your room keys? That was pretty stupid of them!

    I can't believe that Susie never had fried Okra... but I guess that's what happens when you live in Idaho!

  2. Great pictures!
    Sounds like a few snags but a good time...
    Lol at sniffin B&N
    I love fried zucchini...yummm

    Have a wonderful day!
    (=':'=) huge huggles
    (")_ (")Š from da Raggedy one

  3. omgosh, your list of idiot things is hysterical. I was laughing at the chances of badoozer traveling again and AGAIN being locked out of her room. I wonder if I was the new hotel employee excuse again? Hmm.

    Okra. Blech but to each his own.

    I love buying Bibles. I don't know why. You have to have a women's devotional, then a small one for traveling, then a small one for your purse. OF course, your every day New Living Translation and NIV just to see if you get the verse in other verbage. Can't have too many of those, you know.

    I wonder what my problem is, I don't know any of those names. I don't listen to many women speakers for what ever reason, I don't know. I hope you are having fun!

  4. well, i keep doing dumb things, and i'm going broke bribing AJ with money so she doesn't tell everyone how stupid i am!

  5. lucky you getting to have the badoozer visit you! Glad you're all having fun!

  6. I love taking over the men's room. Most women are way too slow at doing their business.

    I'm sure Susie has had fried potatoes, though, being from Idaho and all.

    Great adventures!

  7. They sell Amy Grant hymns at the Cracker Barrel?

  8. jenn, i as thinking that same thing when i saw that on the chalkboard. but then again, things are different down here in the southern part of the USSSSSS

    i'll make a list on my blog of all the differences i noticed

  9. Cracker Barrel?? Don't they have Cracker Barrel in Idado? I mean, Idaho?

  10. Leslee: Your prize is on it's way. It is a free lifetime supply of flavored air. The Hotal said we must have been up against something magnetic to deactivate the keys. (But every day??)

    Raggedy: Susie had never had fried okra but ate a lot of fried cheese curds on the trip. She said the okra was a bit slimy. I did however warn her never to eat BOILED okra as the slime factor is compounded greatly!

    Emma: the Bible we bought is a study Bible made for marking in, and i really mean marking. they suggest you mark all these words with special fine point crayons so by the time you are done your page looks like cryptogram! i am weird about drawing in my Bible. i have a problem defacing property.

    Susie: pay up sister or my lips are flapping

    Mrs. Diamond: beware if she visits you.....i had no idea this gobhole phenomenon was contagious.
    (we are having a ball though!)

    Seeker: Women are funny creatures aren't we? It was funny to see them all STILL traveling in herds where every they went.

    Jenn: you must visiti a CB. the food is good and you get to do shopping while they cook your meal. it is like a little country store. they have all sorts of old fashioned things to buy lots of household stuff and mixes, syrups and jams and things like that, and yes they sell cd's!

    Anne: when you buy something at CB they give you a map with all the CB's on them throughout the U.S. just in case you want to visit them all. The nearest one to her is south of Boise and that is way far away. Sad isn't it?? There was one every 3 miles in our neck of the woods! You should have heard her when we walked into the restaurant. She gasped. :o)

  11. Great photos. Why did they deactivate your room key ?? Why don't people leave the edge seats free ??? It would make it easier for latecomers !!
    Looks like you two enjoyed each other's company. What fun, getting to know fellow bloggers. Wish I wasn't so far away *sigh*.
    Take care, Meow

  12. OMW you took her to CB and had her try the OKRA???? Poor Susie... dontcha know that Hashbrown Casserole is the BEST thing on the menu there?

    I'm not sure about the whole drawing in my Bible thing either... I even have trouble highlighting non-fiction books I read!

  13. Meow: we both wished we could come and visit you!

    Jana: Hey! Thanks for coming over. I didn't see HB Casserole on the menu. I wonder if they share the recipes?

  14. It sounds like you girls had a great time overall. I hope Susie wasn't bruised after her fall, but the fact that she saved the camera from harm makes her a hero.
    The Gobhole Phenom is contagious, huh?!
    I suppose you are showing major symptoms about now.
    The photo of the lady's behind in those terry cloth shorts is just cruel. It's funny too, so you are forgiven.
    My backside would look hideous in those shorts, so thank the good Lord I have the sense not to wear them!!
    I will stop over at Susie's and see what she has up at her blog.
    I have stuff to share about the goings on during my two week blog break. I will have a new post up on Wed.
    We ate at Cracker Barrel too!! Yummy and fattening!!
    I've been to Fort Smith, AR, but we don't live near there at all. I hope UJ and the kids enjoyed their frolicking there. From what I remember, it is pretty there. Most of AR is pretty except for the upper east part which is flat and kinda not so pretty. We've driven through there a few times. We live where there's lots of water and trees and we are moving to where there's lots of water and trees. Me likes that.
    I hope your week is going well so far. :)


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