Wednesday, January 28, 2009

The List

This scene takes place at the Sunday dinner table.

Cast: CarlyJo, CassiJo, Uncle Joe and Aunt Jo

UJ: AJ did you all go to church today?

AJ: Yea, we just went to big church though, we missed Sunday School.

UJ: Good, that'll keep you off Papa's List.

CassiJo: What list?

UJ: The list.

CassiJo: What list?

UJ: The list you get on if you don't go to church.

CassiJo:............... You're on the list.

UJ's drink almost came out his nose.


  1. Hi you haven't missed any of the detective fun over at Muse Swings. She's given us until 8:00 pm tonight to solve the mystery. Come join us! :)

  2. Hey - get back over here Jo the Aunt - it's pretty suspicious to me that you're not on the suspicious list. You've still got all day to shake these mugs down and see who snagged the gem!

  3. Too funny....I bet UJ is hilarious to be around.

  4. Ha, ha...
    The List.
    It sounds mafia like.


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