Wednesday, January 21, 2009

New Beginnings

Good news Blogger Friends.......

I got a new j-o-b! woohooo!!! I have been with my current employer for almost 20 years and finally decided it was time to try something new. I am mentally prepared and ready for a new beginning.

I will be starting a Federal job on Feb 2nd.

I am very excited to be getting a raise, a few more paid holidays, great benefits and better hours.



  1. I'm very proud of you and excited for you on this new venture, it's about time!!!

    you can doooo ittttttttt

  2. I still think you should move to Sterling....

  3. A Fed job? Great! You'll never lose it! You can sit around and do nothing and they won't fire you! Rock on!!!! That's the best!

  4. Best of luck to you in your new endeavor! Change is often for the best!

    Jim H.


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