Sunday, November 30, 2008

Stockin' Stuffers or Santa's Old Elves

Saturday The Joes went to Miss Debbie's house to stuff some stockings for 100 Oklahoma soldiers serving in Iraq. Miss Debbie (shown above right, CJ on left) is a classmate of Uncle Joe's and was very sweet to volunteer to be the coordinator of their community project. The MHS Class of '78 in conjuction with the FTG Class of 2013 (Thanks to Carly's efforts with her teachers and classmates) collected enough to fill each stocking.

Just a sample of some of the items our community donated......

AJ, Box Taper Upper

Cambryn and Cassi, two of our box stuffers
(Carly is taking the picture)
Thanks for helping girls!

Santa needs worker elves of all ages and Class of '78 isn't too old! Thanks to all of you for pitching in to show some hometown soldiers some hometown caring!

Leslie and Joanie preparing to stuff some bags with goodies.

There were Idea Thinkers, News Coordinators, Stocking Makers, Stuff Collectors, Box Tapers, Box Stuffers (Thanks CarlyJo, CassiJo and Cambryn!)and Organizers, all very important jobs and we are grateful for each and every one of them. On behalf of the military personnel that will benefit from a small box from home:


  1. This is terrific!!!!!
    The soldiers will really appreciate the goodies.
    You all did a wonderfully marvelous good deed!!
    God bless you every one!

  2. What a cool project!! I hope there comes out to be enough for all the soldiers


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