Sunday, December 07, 2008

Cheezin for Christmas

Ho Ho Ho
from the Joes!

Here we are in Heavener OK for an early Christmas celebration with Joe's side of the family.

We had a nice drive down there, Joe pestering me the whole way.......

....and he is so funny he cracks himself up!

A rare sight: Carly smiling in a picture....voluntarily. :o)

She loves taking B&W's. I can see why. They change the look of the photo so wonderfully!

I had to work really hard to get this photo. I have two daughters that take after their father and LOVE LOVE LOVE to ham it up for the camera. I have heard people say they have stacks of pictures of Joe making silly faces. :o)

I only wish our daughters were as innocent as they looked in this photograph. Soon as the flash went off they started arguing again. haha!!

Happy Sunday Blog Friends!

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  1. Arguing and family picture taking go hand in hand.

    All the pictures are lovely.
    Your family is beautiful!
    You are a pretty lady, and your girls are pretty too.
    UJ smiled nicely for the photo, and he's looking handsome next to his radiant bride.



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