Sunday, October 05, 2008

Things I Learned While Camping

The Joes, (less CarlyJo who is too cool and waaay to busy to camp with us.....haha) went camping this weekend at Greenleaf State Park. We had a really good time and here are some things that I learned on our 48 hours while there.

1. Don't sit downwind from someone sprinkling red pepper. It burns your eyes.

2. Set up your tent to catch the cross wind, otherwise it will just blow your tent in and scare you in your sleep.

3. Don't serve chili one night then beans the next day. (but do mix the left over chili with the beans!!)

4. Don't try to walk to the farthest bathroom when participating in #3.

5. Bring a small basket to carry your shower paraphenalia.

6. Leave modesty at home when showering in the bathrooms. There really is not privacy. (or shower late and get dressed lightening fast like I did)

7. Be glad that your daughter collapses , exhausted, in her camping bed....put there by her very own self.

8. Bring lots of wood for the camp fire, and don't forget to protect it from rain.

9. Listen to the weather man and believe that a 30% chance of rain is a big enough chance you should put everything up for the night.

10. Invest in an air mattress. Totally wonderful! Beats sleeping on the hard ground and makes snuggling to keep warm much easier....

11. Inspect (and double inspect) the ground for sticky-up items before setting the tent up.

12. The smell of fresh coffee and bacon in the morning beats any alarm clock.

13. Rising with the sun and the birds (sometimes making funny noises) is wonderful.

14. Slow down and enjoy all the quiet.

15. Our universe is a wonderful and marvelous thing.....take a blanket and admire all the stars.

16. In quiet camp areas, voices carry so don't talk about your neighbors or say naughty things.

17. Electricity is overrated.

18. Camping is fun.


  1. Showering? Who showers when they are camping...girlfriend, you need to go on a trip where you are really roughing it. Camping is all about stinking, saying naughty things around the campfire and being buried in a shallow grave by your fellow campers who are sick of your antics.

  2. Am I to believe that ladder golf didn't provide a single lesson all weekend long?

  3. The closest I've been to camping is to sleep in a hammock in my back yard. Otherwise, I stay in rustic log cabins with all the comforts of home. ;o) I'll pass on the pepper-in-the-eyes experience, although I once maced myself by accident!

  4. the ladder golf lesson is that I could beat her with two hands tied behind my back.

  5. Hey Thanks Uncle & Aunt Jo for the invite, we did enjoy the peace and quiet of the outdoors and the dinner provided, Sorry we pooped out on you guys, my eyes just wouldn't stay open any longer.
    I still wish Uncle would have brough his guitar...but as he said it would have runed the mood.

  6. OH! Oh ohoh!
    We now have highspeed...but :( no home phone# you know how long we had that # it was hard to give it up....(sniff) So all we have are our cells, and I believe ya'll have both ours, if not...send smoke signles! Ha...

  7. As one who is not a fan of camping, I am glad you had a good time. Camping plus rain sounds hitonious, but the heavenly stars sound simply divine.
    The smell of fresh coffee is far better than the smell of the after effects of beans.

  8. I love camping, but we didn't get a chance to do any of it this year. Of course, we borrow my parents' RV, so many would not consider that camping, but still. ;-)

  9. doesn't sound fun but I'll take your word for it! I have only done it once!

  10. Wonderful advice! Next time I go camping at the Marriott I will know exactly what to do!

  11. hello? Is anybody home?


    knock knock

  12. The smell of coffee and bacon... mmmmmm... fixed by someone who got up before you. YES!

  13. I love camping. We don't do it enough.


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