Thursday, October 16, 2008

Fall Break

Today is the first day of Fall Break for the little kiddies across Oklahoma.
CarlyJo spent it with friends doing what girls do about boys and paint their piggies. CassiJo and her daddy went to a movie after she spent the night with Nana and Papa. (BTW if any of you would like to invite her over for a sleepover, she would be glad to come. She is feeling a little blue that CarlyJo has so many friends to spend the night with and she really doesn't have many.....)

ME? I was at work. Someone beat me to the punch and took off first. Shoot!!

Here are some things I have learned this week:
1. More football rules and what-not, while watching the OU/Texas game
2. Heated seats are wonderful (we got a new-to-us truck with heated seats)
3. Running in cold weather makes me dizzy
4. 4am is very early to wake up every day. If you need a wake up call at 4am Central time, I am your girl.
5. Never engage a disgruntled doctor as to why drugs are so expensive
6. Never assume things will go off with out a hitch.....something always comes up. Thank goodness for family to help out. Right AndiJo?
7. My beautiful niece and nephew from Japan will be here for a Christmas visit.
8. There is such a thing as a chocolate ovarian cyst. (but it is not filled w/chocolate.)haha
9. Uncle Joe still sneezes really loud
10. Carlyjo talks really fast when she is excited.
11. Cassijo still sings ALL the time. The other night she sang herself to sleep. (and another day we caught her singing to herself in the mirror after her shower...The CassiJo Show!)
12. Only bad mommies forget to pack their baby's swim suit when going on a weekend trip. (Thank Goodness for Super Target!!)
13. Running to music is fun.
14. I was told by one of the providers, after defending a disgruntled and grumpy employee that I "could find something good in a pile of C-R-@-P." I think that was a compliment.
15. I have spent 3 out of 4 lunch hours in Walmart. I spend way too much time in Walmart.

That's all from AuntJo tonight folks!

Happy Fall Y'all!


  1. re: #14... reminds me of the little girl that practically dove into a pile of manure because she was SURE there had to be a pony in there! That's an optimist.

    p.s Where else is there besides WalMart in a little town like ours?

  2. I take it you are running now? I didn't know! Fun, isn't it?

    Walmart scares me

  3. i can't run. i'm too clumsy...

    I officially invite CassiJoe to a sleep over here..when can you drop her by?

  4. When CassiJo is done at Aunt Doozers, she is welcome here. I make chocolate chip pancakes in the morning.

  5. Yep, Wal-Mart is one of my main stomping grounds too, also, as well.

    Heated seats are glorious. I concur.

    No football here. None of us are fans, not even the boys. We are a football-free household.

    4 am is way too early to arise from slumber. I applaud you for your ability to do so. You are amazing!!!!

    The ability to find good in crap is indeed a compliment.


    Happy Halloween week!!
    Eat some candy.
    I will too, also.


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