Thursday, September 25, 2008

French Fry How To's

I was eating my lunch in a hurry today as I had to run some errands on my lunch break......I was driving down the road eating french fries pondering these questions:

1. When you eat FF's do you eat one at a time or are you a multiple-consumer.

2. If you are a multiple-consumer how do you determine the acceptable number of FF to eat at once?

3. Does the texture of the FF have any bearing on your decision? If I am eating crinkle cut fries, I tend to eat them one at a time but thinner cut fries are consumed at least two at a time.

4. Are you a conscientious selector of fries? Choosing the largest, crispiest or longest fry to eat first or do you just dive in, grabbing and eating?

5. What is your ketchup application technique? Do you dunk one fry at a time or do you pour/drizzle/dump ketchup on all the fries and eat them with a fork?

I am a dunker but have wandered over to the drizzle side of the fence depends on the situation, the availability of the condiment and the number of diners also engaging the condiments. I also like pepper in my ketchup. (Don't say ewww until you try it!)

6. Lastly, who makes the best frenchfries?


  1. I'm not a connoisseur of French fries so I can't say who makes the best, but I eat them one at a time and I dip them in ketchup. I double dip, but then, the ketchup is on my plate so that's acceptable, right?

  2. I think McDonald's fries are hands down the best. I like other fries, but for some reason Mc D's are the right ones. Perfectly crispy and all that.

    I prefer to dip my fries in BBQ sauce and I eat more than one at a time. I like ketchup, but BBQ sauce is just way better.

  3. The fries from the grill at the hospital cafeteria are really good, and they make 'em fresh as you order. They look like the one in your photo, and I eat 'em one at a time, dunked in ketchup... and I eat them ALL.

  4. My french fries need to not be over cooked. I go for the longest and greasiest ones first, sometimes I have to fight Walter for them. I like lots of salt, and fry sauce. I don't like the ones that have really pointed, crispy ends on them. I like the blunt end ones.

    The French invented French fries. The French are an odd bunch, as they are prone to running about with hairy armpits and drinking a lot of wine. It was thought at one time they were half aliens, but then someone came up with DNA testing

  5. Mmmm - french fries! Love 'em.
    Stop by yesterday's post - I have an award for you!

  6. I don't eat french fries, but I can down the ketchup packets like a crazy woman


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