Sunday, September 21, 2008

Our Baby

got saved last night. We went to the Community Block Party put on by our church and she gave her heart to Jesus. She was very excited to make her decision public this morning. We will be thrilled to watch her baptism soon....

Heaven is celebrating!! We are too. :o)


  1. a wonderful reason to celebrate!

  2. Thrilling news. Congratulations! What a celebration....

  3. Opie is going to be baptized in a couple of weeks too. He's loved Jesus for a long time, but he's had a phobia of being dunked. Is that weird? Now he's afraid he won't get to heaven unless he's dunked. I told him the heart is what God is interested in, but the baptism is a good way to publicly declare his faith and symbolically join Jesus in death and new life.


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