Saturday, August 02, 2008

Updated Pix Post

If you ever go to Mr. Chicken in Wagoner, OK I recommend the fish platter. Mmmm I like surf.
Uncle Joe likes turf. He tried the chicken platter.
Well, actually we shared. :o)

The famous "puff"

I was sad when I found out they weren't Indian Fry Bread puffs, but fried biscuits from a can! Oh well....they were still yummy for the tummy and you will find all the puffs you eat stay with you for a long time. Just take a look behind you and you'll find them on your bootie. Haha!!
This what the table looks like after dinner with the Joes. All plates are neatly stacked. One of us is a compulsive stacker. I wonder which one??

On our way home, on the scenic route we were stopped by a train. We were entertained by all the graffitti on the train cars....I can't believe I actually caught this car on film, and that someone actually wrote it.


  1. Doozie I am beating you to the punch. Yes I know I need a manicure. My thumbnail is ripping off. :o)

  2. Just look at those stacked plates. Are they stacked in any certain order, or just randomly stacked? I think I need to know.

  3. These are randomly stacked, but usually it is largest on bottom, smallest on top with flatware on the side.

    This illness is contagious. After being exposed for several years the spouse will develop this condition also.

    If the plate are all different colors they are stacked by color groups to. ;o) haha!

  4. I admit I am a plate stacker.
    I need help.
    please help me.
    I am also a table cleaner-upper after the meal.

  5. Joe: I have already arranged to have you deprogrammed from stacking plates in public. However, the home-table-cleaning-up gene will be left alone. I totally love that.

  6. Puffs? Never heard of them. Can you tell I'm from Canada? Oh well, I would still try them and probably like them. Me? I'm surf-and-turf, the best of both worlds!

  7. I gave up on manicures quite some time ago when funding ran short. I now have ripped, and icky nails

  8. That's pretty dern funny

  9. I remember plates being stacked when we went to Charlies!


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