Sunday, August 03, 2008

Sharp Mail and Found Daddies

We got an interesting package in the mail last week. I am just now getting around to posting about it.

These items came in the mail from Seekers home in Illinois. Let me explain the contents: The knife at the bottom is one we bought in Rock Falls when we had a supper of pastrami (?) and crackers in the hotel. We couldn't take it with us on the plane home so we left it with Seeker. The pedometer is for our nightly walks so we can keep up with our I mean exercise. The dolls are from the playhouse that our girls were playing with while Seeker, PR, Uncle Joe and I visited in the living room. We hardly heard a peep out of the girs the whole time other than, "MOM WHY DID YOU SELL *OUR* DOLLHOUSE IN THE GARAGE SALE!!?"
Seeker sent this Mommy and Daddy to the girls to play with at home.

This is the Daddy and the Mommy. I am not sure what their names are. Maybe Martin and Megan Masters, or Will and Jill Mills. It may be Rufus and Rita Ritter. Do you have a name for them?

There is a funny story that we tell whenever we see "The Daddy" from this play set. Let me set the stage: The Joe Family, UJ, AJ and Carlyjo (Cassijo has not been born yet) are on our way to Fort Gibson to church one Sunday morning. We were running late as usual.

Carly, sitting in her car seat in the back seat says, "Mommy I want the Daddy." I knew she had the Daddy in the car the day before so I started looking around for him. I looked in the floorboards front and back. Got out of my seat and stood on my head while Joe drove down the road to find the Daddy. I kept insisting that I didn't have the Daddy. She kept insisting that I did!

Carly "Mom you have the Daddy!"

Me: "Carly I DON'T have the Daddy!"

Carly" Mommy you have the Daddy!"

Me: Carly I don't have the Daddy! I never had the Daddy!"

Carly: " Mom look under your seat"


I think at this point Joe is about ready to pull the car over and run for his life. He asked me to look one more time and feel under the seat. If my memory serves me correctly he even suggested that his daughter was right and I should just check she was only a little door* and he knew that she knew that i had the Daddy. (*she couldn't say girl so she said door)

Me: Feeling far under the seat......."Oh look. It's the Daddy."

he was wedged under the seat after all

Carly: "See Mommy you did have the Daddy!"

So now whenever Carly and I are "strongly discussing" an issue in Joe's presense he always (did you hear me folks?ALWAYS) says,

"Now AJ......who has the Daddy?"

They have never let me live that one down.

Thanks for making us smile Seeker!!


  1. Now, WHERE's the Daddy??!

  2. If you want to know the real story just ask me.
    you have embellished the story quite a bit.
    Far under the seat?
    not likely.
    under your feet. yes.
    in your defense you had a lap full of stuff.
    probably traveling cuisine stuff.

  3. you got the story about 59% right.
    good job!

  4. So I don't remember minute details about the event. I got the main points right:

    she was right and I was wrong. I had the Daddy. :o)

    Mr Experiential Photographic Memory

  5. I'm sure it was EXOTIC traveling cuisine... you were on your way to church, after all.......
    I like the story; it gets better with age.

  6. seeker,
    she forgot that she was also battling red fire ants under her feet.
    she left that part out.

  7. YAY! Good stuff from Seeker.

    But the question is now, who has the Mommy?

  8. I really don't know about those dolls, they are kinda creepy. I think their names should be Martin and Maria.

  9. I got the Daddy now. A different Daddy. A Mac Daddy.


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